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  1. Sounds like an awesome project. Good luck with it mate.
  2. I agree. Comes with gannets drain plug. I also got to -10 an weld on fittings. For head drain and catch can drain.
  3. Hello everyone. My last part arrived today. Garage101 9L sump extension. Looks pretty good. Nice finish. Baffles have cosworth rubber one way gates which can't jam like metal ones.
  4. Hello everyone. Yesterday was a busy day. OS88 has arrived. So has the quad plate clutch, the JUN GT intake manifold with throttle body. That last one will be going up for sale as I have since gone for a DBW throttle. Removed and packed up the transfer case to go to TSS for a service/check over and a full strengthening package. Would like to the JDM Garage for being able to help with parts with all of the troubles they have gone through. Glad to hear they are running bigger and better then ever. Will definitely use them again. Also advance thanks to The Skyline Shed for being able to squeeze my work in on such short notice. Car will be covered with appreciation sticker for everyone who helped me.
  5. Thank you everyone for your advice. Spoke to my tuner again. He took me for a drive in an r34 that is a nitto 2.8 with a 6870. Making 600hp on 98ron. It was so much fun. Very little lag. His words were "forget boost. We'll make 800 easy". He said that he keeps boost low because it gives the client the abity to use any 98ron fuel. If you can stick to one type, say bp ultimate, we will cater a tune for that. I guess after a 5 year wait and more money spent then I ever thought possible, I don't want to be disappointed. I am pretty sure I won't be. Thanks for the advice fellas.
  6. Nice. What was it like to drive on the street?
  7. The setup is for drag and roll racing. But it will also double as my daily. I would like to see around 600-700awhp on 98 Ron. That'll give me and my son the giggles on the freeway. I can't see any dyno results with a similar sized turbo on 98ron. Or any videos of one on the road either. If e85 wasn't an hour rou d trip, I'd use it all the time.
  8. No shit taken. I realise and accept that this will be very different on e85. More fuel, more gas, quicker spool, lower temps, more power. Everything going well the car will be on run in tune before Christmas. I guess it is all just a guess until it's on the dyno/street.
  9. My GTR, if it ever gets finished, will be my daily driver. In Perh e85 is still quite rare so I'll be using 98ron and go e85 when I go racing. Looking at all the dyno results, there is a huge variance in boost levels on 98ron fuel. My builder doesn't want to go much over 14-16psi. I see some people running close to 2bar. The engine is a 3.2L nitto with a precision 7685 running 9.0 comp ratio. What are people's theories, experiences, views, opinions on what is a safe boost level. Im not chasing 1000hp+ for street but I don't want a lazy 400hp car either.
  10. Im guessing you aren't married. I beraly survived buying all of this once.
  11. Haven't had anything to write about for a while. Yesterday had a large delivery if parts from Golbys. It's been a 4 month wait but things are starting to move forward again. Also learned that my OS88 gearbox, OS quad plate clutch and JUN plenum have arrived in Australia. So I hope to have them by the end of this month. Still waiting for PWR radiator but car is booked in for 29th of November to have everything fitted and start running the engine in. Might do a full noise run this year.
  12. It's both bore and stroke. Can only be done with billet block due to amount of meat that needs to be removed to accommodate the crank and pistons. I've yet to see one reviewed in any way but they use much wider bearings to make sure the extra side load won't chew them out. Sounds amazing.
  13. How do you find the 3.4? I was talked out of it at the time of my build and went 3.2 instead. Now I'm considering selling up and going billet 3.6
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