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  1. Hey mate The exhausts will fit a GTST sure. I will PM you my number and we can talk further. Regards, Ian
  2. Hey guys, some surplus parts I have left over from my old 33 GTR. First up is a HKS catback exhaust. Unsure of exact details, looks 3.5", part number in photos. Keen to move these on, so $200 will see it done. Some minor scratches on underside as you'd expect but nothing to impact its flow or function. Sounded pretty good, a polish would see it come up really well. Also have an apexi exhaust. Even less idea on this one, keen to see it go, $50 Last but not least, we have a complete set of nismo floor mats, in good condition. Could do with a vacuum but otherwise quite good. $125. Located in Mt Gravatt East, QLD, Brisbane.. Can post at buyers expense but would much prefer local pickup. Thanks guys! HKS Exhaust Apexi Exhaust Nismo R33 Floor Mats
  3. +1 to this. This place used to be about driving many years ago. Now its about politics and polishing the execs knobs. Shit, the current execs weren't even in the community back when I remember it was thriving. Do the current exec board even drive skylines? You know, real ones that is.
  4. Will these bolt straight up or is there fab work required?
  5. Hi All I have a pair of good condition genuine Z32 AFM's /W Apexi Suction Kit + Plugs. I am chasing $700 + postage for these. Happy to ship anywhere at buyers expense. Note the part numbers - these are a matching pair. See attachment for photo. Please contact me through PM to make arrangements. Regards, Ian
  6. Hey Guys As the topic states, I have a trust alloy radiator that has filled up with scale and gunk. I took it down to natrad at enogerra (brisbane) to have it flushed but that appears to have done very little - I also ran radiator flush through it for two days before taking it down there to soften it up as much as possible. Any pro tips on how to get it out? The tanks are welded on, and I don't want to do a cut and shut job on them if I can avoid it. Its an expensive radiator and I don't want to bin it either...
  7. In the end, I decided the super racing weren't sufficient enough an upgrade on the monoflex's to warrant spending the extra money. I have decided that the BC ER's are just too much the risk, cheap coilovers are cheap coilovers at the end of the day. I am going with the Monoflex's and will spend the remaining money elsewhere on control arms and bushs.
  8. Zebra: BC's are a bit of a far-right entrant, I had the same impression when I saw them - cheap china special coilovers. However, they have scored some good reviews so I thought I would do some more research. My budget is 3.5k and id prefer to spend under that if possible, so if these could get reasonable performance at less of a cost then it was worth considering, as this would leave some money in reserve for other components such as a bushs and some LCA's for the rear. slowmedown: Thanks, I have read through that thread as well. Some good discussion but still no hard facts in there as to their performance on the track apart from some vague reviews saying they were "good", more focused again on the street. I have a set-up similar to yours (whiteline adj. swaybars, cusco upper arms, JJR castor rods, tein super streets, 430 hp) and I was interested in comparing track times at lakeside. Ultimately however I don't think anyone is going to be able to give me a definitive answer on these, it would seem I just have to try them and see, which may result in me going the 2k (on special atm) for the monoflex's instead as I know they are decent. Thanks so far for the input however.
  9. Nismoid: I have read both of these threads, however neither of them specifically answer my question. The first one is some hero who wants to do high speed street racing and the second is again street and ride quality orientated, whereas I am purely interested in lap times. Both threads seem to talk about the BR's from what I can tell and my inquiry is about the ER's. Thank you however for pointing these threads out to me.
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