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  1. spotted a 4 door black 34 at stud park shopping centre, I was sittin outside at gj's xD
  2. keep seeing a black 34 gtt with a kit, turning right from princes hwy into westall rd at bout 4:50pm, usually around the same time everytime. i'm usually turning right onto princes from westall, on my way home. sounds nice mate
  3. spotted a yellow 34 2dr with what looked like a bomex rear, on princes hwy on the way home from work today, with a white 34 4 door sitting on his ass!
  4. spotted a white 33 with a gtr front i think?? following me n then me following him up ferntree gully rd between stud rd and scoresby rd entrance!
  5. could i please get a username change from 'SPL1CE' to 'bdizzle' thanks!
  6. spotted a white 34 GTT, black or carbon bonnet, and no spoiler, turning right onto westall rd from centre rd today after work at bout 4:35pm! dude was wearin hi-vis orange. mate if you're on here shoot me a pm! got a question for ya.
  7. spotted a white 34, green p plater, on bayswater road at about 5:30pm today heading towards boronia road/knox way. dude gave it a bit, sounded MAD! if you're on here, what exhaust is that?? probs best exhaust i've heard honestly. i was in the black 34 gtt, headlights on, goin the opposite way back over the train tracks.
  8. kyle i been thinking about it.. so you can get ya defect cleared, i'll take your rims and Trust DD off ur hands for free.. it was a hard decision to make but hook me up.
  9. PRICE DROP $200 check out: http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/Fs...ci-t321241.html for pics. for some reason it won't let me attach them. pics are of actual item.
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