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  1. cheers guys, went the VLT option and proved a winner just gettin gasket for exhaust/turbo
  2. hey guys. do you guys know of any locally delivered cars that use a T3 exhaust size flange?
  3. top head kit like manifolds, head gasket n rocker gaskets.. i bought just a head gasket cos thats gone but upon takin apart the engine need the rest so might go back to nissan n see if i can get the top kit but i do have a mate hu worx at repco so might just see what he can do thanx mate
  4. hey guys, looking to buy a gasket kit for my R32 Rb20 cant remember whether i just read about the kits on here or if the traders have em for sale, but cant seem to find anything in the For Sale section so if any1 could point in the right direction that'd be great...i remember sumthin like $500? thanx
  5. k... i was tryin to save time by seeing where ppl had alredy had the conversion done so i could call the workshop specifically, as the consolidated workshop thread doesnt really outline what shops do engine swap or supply halfcuts etc.
  6. hey ppl recently blew the head gasket on the 32 rb20det was just gunna get the fix for the rb20det but began thinking about rb25det upgrade. my gearbox is stuffed in the rb20 so im thinkin about just saving to have a rb25 halfcut installed. i know KYP has halfcuts and installs but im just wondering how much ppl have paid for there engine swaps? And whereabouts besides the previously mentioned? i'd really just be looking at a stock swap initially. thanx in advance
  7. my R32 would do this wen i first got it n thats cos the BOV was shite n was openin under extremely small loads, thus lack of air n the car would stall. f**kin scary wen it stalls at 50-60 and losing power steering tryin to turn... so +1 for checkin BOV
  8. that is the best r34 i have ever seen, looks too good to drift!! nice build
  9. checked the hose and it had a gash in it so i replaced the hose n boost is at around 9-10psi! thanx once again for ur help
  10. do u screw the bolt in for less boost or out? im still learnin haha
  11. k, wont drive it till i get that sorted out...thanx for the help slowly learnin haha will report how everything goes
  12. lol, well i drove it round today and tried not to push it, but i did give it a boot to check and it only goes as high as 17psi n peaks, VAC is 20 at idle.... will check the vacuum hoses n that 2moro but other than that what else could i check? it doesnt have an aftermarket boost controller, should i maybe invest in one of these to limit the boost level? thanx for all ur help so far guys
  13. i will check it again 2day, but off the top of my head the VAC is at about 20 on idle.... its only got the stock BOV on it (no aftermarket bleed valve), i will check bout the levelling out but yes it is a bit scary watchin the needle just keep rising.....wood be fine if i knew that the components could handle it, but like u sed it isnt exactly safe will check back soon after lookin at a few more things 2day
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