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  1. i just bought a lock and hopefully get it next week. that clip must be the thing rattling around in my boot lid. if i dont like the look i might weld it up. i dont understand the alarm part? i have a mongoose m80. is that an optioon with the alarm???
  2. that is something i'm contemplating, if i cant find a lock.
  3. hey guys i would like to hear from anyone selling a boot lock for the R33 GTST. the one which has the nissan badge that swivels over the keyhole. i will also need the key ( obviously) Cheers Gordon
  4. they took the entire lock mechanism and theres a big gaping hole in my boot lid!!!! i'll have to do something about that!!!! lol
  5. Hey guys i was just wondering if anyone knows if it is difficult to install the rear boot lock?? as mentioned some shmuck helped themselves to my badges. I have a "96" r33 gtst and the rear badge as you all probably know covers the lock, which they took as well. also can they open the boot easily now?? i have an alarm that will go off if they do but i'd prefer to keep people out the old fashion lock and key way. when i change the lock can i change the internals to fit my key or am i destined to roam the streets with two sets?? Thanks in advance guys. Gordon p.s. if i happen to catch the little bastards and break their hands, does that make me the criminal??????
  6. Haha, Thanks for the reply. I should be more specific. the actual bulb isn't even there. looking at it i would guess that its one of those bulbs that look like a fuse. that is a silver cap on either end of a small looking cylinder. hope some one knows of these. Is that what the parkers look like?
  7. Hi guys Just wondering if anyone could tell me the Bulb size and type for a R33 Gtst series 2 boot I've never had one and i'm tired of not being able to find stuff in the dark. Thanks in advance. Gordon
  8. An old airconditioner. Brand is "GENERAL" Has been sitting in the garage for at least 6 years. Can't guarantee it to work because i do not have a 10 amp outlet to test it with. But it did work when it was taken out. (I know that was a long time ago!!!!!) As you would have deduced you need a 10 amp outlet if you want to use it. Why don't l chuck it out??? Because i'm pretty sure it works and it seems a waste to throw out a functional A/C. It looks dusty as you can imagine. other than that its like any other old school air conditioner. ( Like the ones you find in motels) FREE TO A GOOD HOME Just come and pick it up.
  9. A Set Of JIC Coilovers FOR R33 GTST Have dampening adjustment. I do not know what the spring rates are but they are extremely stiff. I believe the person that had the car before me drifted with this setup. Also one of the bump stops is a bit worn, how it happened i do not know as i don't think it could have been from bottoming out. The 3RD photo is to show the comparison of the JIC to a Bilstein Shock In Sydney. $900
  10. Just a short update to any one that cares. I have had my alarm fixed and installed with additional ultrasonic sensors. i am very happy with the system and a lot more confident in leaving the car in the parking lot, more so than before anyway. System install was done by Allen. J, was very happy with his skill and work would recommend to anyone. I even have the manual now and know what all the buttons do and functions my alarm has. Cheers to everyone for all their advice and opions. Gordon
  11. Anyone use microwave sensors? Recommend them/ not recommend them? what other options would you reguys recommend?
  12. Hi Could i please have my name changed from OPtimus Prime (stupid typo) to Optimus Prime Cheers Gordon
  13. Hi R.C Thats the thing though, if l disarm the car, open up the passenger door and for arguments sake drop my keys in the car then shut the door, after 30 seconds doors will lock and imobiliser rearms itself. This is what lead me to believe that the passenger door was not hooked up. ( i also did not get a instruction manual with the alarm.) R.C and godzl1975 you have no idea how hard it is to control myself from blurting out the name of the place that installed the alarm ( think l read somewhere that slander is not tolerated on businesses in the forum), but l guess silly me learn't the hard way that you do indeed get what you pay for. I have followed Chris Rogers advice in this forum and pay someone decent money to do the job once, save myself the hassle.. Thanks R.C and godzl1975 for the replies though, much appreciated hopefully get this alarm sorted out in the next two weeks.
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