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  1. hey guys, I have a 02 holden rodeo for swaps If anyone was intrested after been given a company ute will not be needing it anylonger. It is a good allround ute which is very ridgid and has been very reliable with no faults. 133,000kms 3ltr Intercooled turbo diesel 4x4 5speed duel cab 170 light force spottys white 15inch sunnys with copper s/t's with 90% thread worth $280 a corner arb bullbar reece towbar gme 3220 2-way will post up some pictures if i have any intrest. I will also be putting 12months rego which is registered in NSW. Cheers
  2. it looks like the 33 might be for me but how about the 32? is the 32 any good compared to the 33 in power, handling, comfort etc the only thing I dont like about the 32 is the back dated styling compared to the 33 as it's newer.
  3. Thanks guy's for all the feedback much appreciated! I was thinking towards the 33 GT-R but it's the comfort im worried about! Ok so i'll give you's the rundown, which ever car it will be will only be sitting in the garage all week till the weekend but only on a sunnyday, It will need to be a great cruising car you can just get in and cruise, very comfortable, will occasionaly be used for highway trips (perfect for clubsport), It will maybe go to a few track events even just once a year, has to be fun to drive, awsome sounding and have lots of poke. how bout evo's much power compared to a 33 GT-R? cheers
  4. Hey guys, As previously being a 33 gtst owner, I was hoping you's will help me out deciding on a new car. When I had the 33 I loved it, the feeling of when boost came on was awsome but when i got the vxss I loved the instant down low power and the comfort of it! It was great! But im not sure what I should get I would love to get a 34 gtr but dont have enough coin was thinkin towards the 33 GT-R, Evo 5/6 or vy/vz clubsport. Half the reason I would like to stay with a skyline is because of this forum it's great heaps helpful whenever I had a prblem with the 33 chances are it would be common enough to be on here, when I had the vx I was a member on ls1 which wasnt as good, not alot of info well anyways iv'e got about 30 to spend. Would be great if you's could help me out cheers
  5. Hey Guy's Was searching all over the net trying to find wether the gearbox in a nissan serena with an sr20de would be the same gearbox as in a nissan silvia with an sr20de much help would be much appreciated. Thanks guys
  6. hey dude, i had lots of probs with the gizzmo ebc so i ended up getting the profect b 2 lol turns out it wasnt the ebc to start with the timing wasnt alowing my car to go anywhere above 10 pound or so! try taking it somewhere else before getting a new ebc they are excelent just need to be setup right. Cheers chris
  7. Make:Holden Model:vx ss Milage:142,000 Transmission:6 speed Colour:black Location:wagga Complied?yes RWC supplied?[/byes] Currently registered?yes Price:17,500 Contact:0431559136 Comments / Modifications: Everything is original as it appeals to more people, has always been garaged, 142,000klms with log books all service history. would be a great trade for someone that needs a family car! Images:
  8. Yeah it's true the GT-R is alot more expensive in maintance, performance parts etc but still a better performer, Its just like comparing the ss commodore to the hsv gts really! I get it's all up to opinon, people perfer a rwd which some like the traction and also the money side, I spose the gtst would be a funner car than that of a GT-R on the street mainly because it dosnt cost asmuch if you damage and the boost side of it im pretty sure the gtr comes in boost slower than that of a gtst! Remember the GT-R is a supercar and made to be flogged the shi# out of!
  9. The price of maintence would differ on how you drive and look after your GT-R The thing is you only really start to have problems when you start moddifing! Then money becomes a massive issue! It's the same as any other car really!
  10. Well ive decided to sell my 33gtst! Which was sadly gone last thursday! It took me a while to realise it would never be what I want it to be a GT-R! I spent thousands on it I even put a GT-R kit on it but each time I would do something to it, the more it would feel like it will never be a GT-R! Finally I let my baby go in order to find a GT-R! I really did like the 33gtst but it's not the same as a GT-R! You could always do a gtst to be as good or even better than a GT-R but at the end of the day it's only the GT-R's smaller brother! And your only just goin to keep modifing it to just keep up with the GT-R! Ive just looked into getting one for a while and one thing that I realised is that the majority of blokes driving gtst's are just pimpled faced teenager's which is true have owned one, It is great that there are enthusiasts that have gtst's but there isnt that many of them, it's just mainly blokes that just want a fast car that dont really give a fuc# about their cars! The main reason why I like the GT-R is that alot of the majority of GT-R owners are actual enthusiasts! Im not saying if you have a gtst you are not an enthusiast im just saying there are more skyline enthusiasts with GT-R's! Plainly becoz of money or they like gtst's which is great! Ive bet ive sturred alot of you blokes up but it's an opinion! Give us your thoughts!
  11. actually I do wanna buy it! Im just wondering howcome the other guy didnt want it! I understand it may not matter but it does u buy a lemon hey!
  12. dude in one of the earlier posts u quoted I have one genuine interest already who called who will see the car later this week and if he doesn't want it it will be going to be advertised through carsales/carpoint etc. Was there any reason in why he didnt buy it?
  13. hey dude, just curious how come the other bloke didn't end up buying it? Cheers
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