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  1. R33 GTST Skyline. Be perfect for a drift car but if you did want to fix it up and keep it registered it is completely engineered, emission tested & DB tested. Has all the paper work so no trouble from the cops. Its got HKS coilovers, blitz cooler, k&n pod, exhaust. Also comes with spares of just about everything under the bonnet. Blew a motor bout 5 years ago. You can have the blown motor and a rebuilt 30 block as well if you want. 30 block isnt forged or anything like that. Im moving to western australia . I was gunna keep it on the east coast for when ever i come back but i couldnt be bothered paying rego on something im not gunna be using. Im located at Kempsey on the mid north coast. My phone number is 0401 232 472. I Need to get $3,000 for it. I'll strip it down into pieces if i have to i was just trying to avoid doing that. Cheers.
  2. Ems 8860 $1300. Message me on 0401 232 472
  3. Selling an ems8860. $1300. Message me on 0401 232 472
  4. Selling an EMS 8860 $1500 brand new never been used. Was going to throw it in my 33 and do it up but over spending money on it, just want to get it paid off.
  5. Hey i need to know whos good at tuning EMS 8860 in and around the gold coast cause ive heard they are pricks to tune, but other than that good computers, wanna have the car up and runnin again in bout 2 months so if anyone can give me some names and numbers would be very much so appreciated to get the ball rolling cause i dont wanna take it to someone who has never done them b4.
  6. I got an EMS 8860 and was just wondering who is good at tuning them around the brissy/goldy area???
  7. ive got an ems 8860. Just wondering whos good at tunin em around goldy/brissy?
  8. hi guys, ive read through the whole thread and was wondering if anyone knew what rotors (DBA Part No would be great!!!) fit using the ceffy brake set up but using a 5 stud conversion. My mate got a 5 stud conversion kit, and wants to keep the rest of the ceffy shit there. As it stands he is just gunna drill out rotors. Does anyone know the 4 stud ceffy rotor part no??????
  9. Hi guys, my mates doin a 5 stud conversion on his ceffy. i told him to just get a whole r33 brake set up but he doesnt wanna change heaps of shit, but he needs new rotors, anyone have part numbers of rotors that will fit on the ceffy brake set up, 5 stud would be great if not he's just gunna drill em out anyway but yeh, any info will be helpful.
  10. Hey guys, i really need the standard front blinkers from a S1 r33. I got a bomex front bar and my blinkers dont even touch the sides so if anyone has some can they please send me a message on 0401232472. Thanks i need to try n get em picked up 2moz so i can get em here for friday. Thanks guys
  11. Hi guys just a quick question. My mates got a neo motor dropped into a cefiro, one of his injectors have f**ked up, would he be better just chasing down 1 neo injector or going an aftermarket set??? The neo injectors are good for a fair bit of power already arnt they???
  12. Hi guys ive been trying to get some good sites for getting a new body kit for my S1 R33. Its not as easy as i 1st thought, you guys know any good sites???
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