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  1. Taleb Tyres

    Can I please have this username changed to Taleb Tyres Thanks in advance!
  2. Taleb Tyres

    Hehe its still for sale, but until a genuine buyer comes along i may as well enjoy it!
  3. Taleb Tyres

    From an Old pac run last week:
  4. Booked in for service at Top one. Still up for grabs!
  5. Taleb Tyres

    +1 its our roads and driving, front left is always the first to show signs of wear and tear and if you usually follow the same route to work/home etc then this does affect it see it every day. Alignment could be 100% and this will still happen, especially on FWD.
  6. Taleb Tyres

    +1 for Leon, has done all our personal skylines in the past.
  7. Lol, Had the car buffed and polished last week, almost makes me not want to sell it
  8. thats too bad, Im into grain waves right now. Sorry no sale.
  9. If anyone is interested or knows anyone tha would be, i'm wiling to swap for an SR5 Hilux.
  10. Taleb Tyres

    Either 225 40 18( will give it a slight stretch) or 235 40 18( better suited for performance) And a 245 40 18 or 255 35 18 rear. Both will work nice on the rear on the 9". 265 rear you would want a 235 40 18 front. And yes going too wide on the front will cause tram lining which does get VERY annoying! Depends on what tyres you are looking to fit on.