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  1. Thanks guys. Got some yesterday from another member.
  2. Looking for standard rb26 injectors in working condition to replace the leaking ones in my 32gtr. Would prefer to pick up from around the Sydney area.
  3. I had to do this for 2 months while waiting to get the cash to get a new clutch and then actually getting the clutch installed. You get used to it and end up being a better driver afterwards. Even with a clutch i tend to rev match anyway.
  4. Hey Guys, I have a problem that when my car is driven in first and second after it is warmed up i get a whinning noise. I recently changed the gearbox oil to redline lightwieght shockproof. I thought that maybe i didn't put in enough oil in because it's not even 4l so i put an extra 1l in yesterday and it's still doing it. There is no oil leaking anywhere as well so i have no idea why it's doing this. Any suggestions on what it could be?? cheers, Johnny
  5. Go to jade automotive. (02) 96067699 ??? camden valley way(at the caltex servo) Jason who runs it is on the forums here as well sometimes. Always has a few GTR's in his garage.
  6. Yeah running an oiled air filter was the problem with mine. If you don't oil them up alot then they are fine but if you put to much the oil gets onto your afm's. I just cleaned mine up and they are working like new. I also made sure that the filter isn't over oiled anymore. I might just get a dry filter though so it has no chance of happening agian, or maybe just splurge on the ARC super induction box. But they use dry filters anyway i think.
  7. I was wondering what that foam is there for as well. If it's just for sound i might pull it out as well. Good to hear everything is working good with your car.
  8. lol.... yeah i think i was just a bit enthusiastic. It's just that it said to make sure that every little ripple thing should be oiled. I think i was going to slow when spraying it on. I know this for sure becuse when i take my air filter out i still get little pools of oil building up in the air box. Might have to try again when i get a chance. When i first got it and it was factory oiled the filter was absolutley awesome. Definatley still recommend it even after my bad oiling dilema.
  9. I have BKR7E's in my car and they are at 0.8mm gap but i had the same plugs gapped at 1.1mm with 1bar boost and they were fine.
  10. I tried the electrical cleaner and just put in my afm's and they seem to work perfectly again. Will try go for a bit of a longish drive just to make sure they are working properly and don't break down again. It must be the air filter that stuffed it up. What else could it be??
  11. If it won't rev over 2500rpm then its usually afm. That fixed my problem. The problem was a bit masked though because my plugs were gone to shit because of all the spluttering and then it started to idle roughly.
  12. Yeah i have already opened the afm's up and resoldered the joints to the plug. Might try the electrical cleaner tomorrow morning.
  13. My afm's died shortly after i re-oiled my filter. Maybe this is why they got stuffed(might have only been 1 of them that got stuffed). Is there anyway to fix this by maybe spraying them with something??? Just something incase the afm's aren't dead.
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