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  1. I'm no expert, but in my case I was originally going to just borrow one off William's car for the EPA test. Unfortunately my tip was a different size so I couldn't use his silencer, and then I was going to get a silencer made up. That's when they found out I had no muffler I think he quoted me $150 or so including labour (can't quite remember), but I can check with him again. Looking at that figure, it seems pretty pricey just for a silencer. The good thing is that even though it is welded on, it is easy to take off, then you can just put it back on again if you get another EPA defect!
  2. I only had my car taken to Exhaust City because William knew the guy there, so I am not sure if you will get special treatment if you just rock up. The guy almost didn't pass me with my external wastegate, but let me through only because he had already done so many jobs for William before. If you get a silencer put on make sure it's welded, other wise they may not pass you. It's still easy to take off anyway.
  3. haha just found out why my car is so loud. Got a call from William and they had my car up on a hoist. It turns out I don't have a muffler! Just a hot dog. Far out. How the hell did that pass roadworthy and complaince? What a joke! Anyway, getting a muffler fitted now, shouldn't be any need for a silencer now. Goodbye exhaust note
  4. Cheers predator, should all be sorted no worries by Monday evening
  5. SKYL9 I was just about to ask where you got yours done. Good to know I'm taking it to the right place! I plan to get the silencer put on, get the certificate, then take it off again. Well if the exhaust still sounds ok with the silencer then I might keep it on to keep the cops off my back, but I really like the sound at the moment, I don't want to lose my lovely exhaust note
  6. Thanks for the ideas everyone. I ended up calling William this morning who works with Gerald at Ice Performance. He was fantastic, told me to come right over even though it was his day off (he lives around the corner from me) and had a look at the car, fixed my boost gauge for free while he was at it! He knows one of the guys at the approved noise tester in Cheltenham, it's called Exhaust City on Park Road. William will take my car there first thing Monday and the dude will weld on a silencer and give me the certificate.
  7. Here's the problem: I got a letter in the mail today from the EPA stating that a police officer had lodged a report against my car because it was "excessively noisy". It goes on to say that I must take the car to an Approved Vehicle Noise Tester to determine whether it complies with the Environment Protection Vehicle Emissions Regulations. (There is a list of 24 Noise Testers across Victoria on the last page of the defect notice). After I obtain a Certificate of Compliance from the Noise Tester (asssuming I pass!), I must lodge it with the EPA by 20th February. It also says that it was not necessary to stop my vehicle in order for the police to file the report! All they needed was my rego. There is some information contained in the letter about the noise tests. "Maximum noise levels for stationary vehicles not to exceed 90 dB(A) for a passenger vehicle manufactured after 1st November 1983" (I've paraphrased slightly.) So my questions are: - What in particular do the noise tests involve? I have read elsewhere on the forum that you need to rev your car to a certain level, but how is this level determined? By engine capacity? Whatever the case, I am certain that my car will fail because it is f***ing loud! in which case... - What are the options I can take prior to the test to ensure that I pass? - Also (this part is mainly a whinge), isn't this stuff covered by a roadworthy and/or Certificate of Compliance? I'm talking about the Certificate of Compliance you get when you first import a car into the country. When I first registered my car last year after importing it (and getting my engineer's CoC), I was surprised that neither the engineer or Vic Roads did not say anything about the noise. I had it registered at the Burwood Vic Roads who are notorious for checking EVERYTHING, so I am a little surprised that nothing was mentioned at all about the excessive exhaust noise level. (As a side note, avoid getting your car registered at the Burwood Vic Roads, this is a tip from Dean at Ultimate Performance Imports in Moorabbin. The guy wouldn't pass my car because it was ONE CENTIMETRE too low! Plus he had this measuring stick thing which was supposed to fit under the car to test the height and he was banging it like nothing else against the exhaust tubing.) Any comments or suggestions are welcome.
  8. Personally I would also find it difficult performing a driving test with that instructor yelling in my ear constantly.
  9. zanda you were lucky, I just imported an R32 GTS-T with a GTR intercooler in it and it got a big f#^ing hole ripped in it. I had to pay over $800 to get it replaced : (
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