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  1. people also think dyno #s = drag times. but fail to realize that gearing, chassis, tire setup, track prep and launch specifics matter quite a lot...
  2. the best 9280 back to backs against 9180 were WTAC builds from scott kuhner at Emtron / Insight. 3 cars, all the same turbo, shaft speed went down, airflow went up, backpressure did not get worse
  3. trust me you arent alone... in early november I had the conversation that the one site is getting updates and they did not realize it, in fact they were using turbos.bwauto.com unfortunately this type of confusion can happen when there are 12,000+ employees spread across the planet with IT in germany, engineering in north Carolina, Corporate in michigan and billing somwhere else. all part of the fun & games in our automotive aftermarket industry. too big to ignore, too small to dedicate real resources to.
  4. The latest maps were online for a while now: https://www.borgwarner.com/matchbot/ Burn4005 - there is an old BW site that no longer gets updates, do not use the turbos.bwauto.com site for matchbot
  5. the best 8474 comparative result came from Steph Papadakis. Fred Aasbo's drift car has a fairly evolved engine program. He uses 8374, 8474 and 9174 still in competition, switching between turbos per track. Many years of data, cliffnotes are: -8374 for small tracks, rarely needs nitrous. the perfect "small turbo" for their needs -9174 was their choice for the bigger tracks, with nitrous. This has been replaced with 8474 and there is very little difference in tune or overall airflow. The net difference is 8474 spools a little earlier than 9174. but a little later than 8374 -this is a 4cyl engine and they still prefer to use 0.92 a/r next year on the new supra it will be 8474 vs 9274 vs 9280. unsure what turbine housing will be used.
  6. +1 what is your specific setup (engine displacement, max RPM, head/cam/manifolds, altitude) Do you have any more specific data that your tuner can share? Maybe turbo speed sensor? Do you have the ability to monitor backpressure? Has a thorough boost leak test been performed? Twin gates can be connected identically to single gates. if your tuner is fancy (like Peter) then you can run twin solenoids, but thats unlikely to be the issue here. done this a number of times on different applications. The results are typically what you would expect, bigger AR makes more power, appears to spool identically (on the dyno). on the street it loses response Some tuners who claim this do not have enough data to work from, or a lack of understanding (or both). Backpressure and shaft speed + EGT are critical links in understanding the system. If they are disappointed in the max power result then its probably an issue with the setup or the turbo is too small. The larger inducer EFR 9280 certainly does move more air. and Peter may be pleasantly surprised with the 9280. I felt the same in many instances, but so far it appears to be delivering
  7. what is your max engine RPM? and what is your max boost target, 2bar? for a 2.5L engine at 500ft above sea level, revving to 7000rpm or 8000rpm, you may want to play around with garrett boost advisor or bw matchbot. this can help dial in your setup. youtube videos at the bottom of the bw page. If you want to post up a link or a map with plotting points, it is much easier to understand what your operating parameters will be. Unfortunately aftermarket "upgraded" compressor wheels are typically a mystery and do not have any compressor maps to work from
  8. i would bet both are a factor... hotside and not winding it up. fyi - Scott said it was 50kw at 110krpm shaft speed. more on the table. He said he was also dubious at first but "holy f**k, that f**king thing is the shit" was his exact words haha
  9. Yes, All G25/G30/G35 are outline interchangeable. They share the same size inlet and outlet v-band geometry (not a coincidence) +1 +2 I agree 100% - the G25-550 is an outstanding turbocharger for the SR20DET. Also worth noting the T25 flanged G25 would be a nice compliment to the OEM cast manifolds for a sleeper setup
  10. I was hanging with Scott Kuhner (EMtron) last weekend, he did a back to back of 9180 vs 9280. saw identical spool and a solid 50+kw across the board... he loves the turbo. I will ask him to post the comparison now, but its rare that he shares customer setups. If any of you guys know Scott, buy him a beer for me 🍺 3L displacement, 10:1 compression and a decent set of cams on E85... yes your setup is a candidate for 1.45 a/r. But as a street car then it isnt likely to operate at high boost and high rpm like a track car. If you can spend some time with the matchbot webpage it may help you to determine where you are operating and what the actual implications will be 😂 i enjoyed the "little school girl giggles" too
  11. ^^^what he said. No way will these bolt on to stock RB26 configuration. you must use GTX if you are looking for that. T25 G25 will work on SR20 however
  12. that is great feedback! I absolutely love the G25 with 0.72. The 0.92 flows a ton (very impressive actually) but did have some response loss. I would love to see any boost logs you can share. and if you wanted to try G30-770 we have them in stock at full race
  13. hi Lith, the 61.4mm SXE is an excellent turbo, no question. Two additional considerations are whether it makes sense to step up to the 63mm or 64.5mm SXE? These all share the same 76mm turbine wheel, therefore they all are drop in plug and play supercore swaps for the same turbine housing. Full-Race has these turbos in stock at all times if your customer would like a quote let me know and I can help
  14. borgwarner requested that we make a note of this on our website. However i have used oil restrictors on subarus and other high oil pressure applications without issue. Turbosmart's OPR is a good product, i would have zero hesitation recommending it
  15. wow, that is cool! Not many of these turbos, but glad to see you got one
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