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  1. Full-Race Geoff

    keep in mind the 9274 has a considerably smaller compressor inducer trim, so it plots out really well!
  2. Full-Race Geoff

    ive done a back to back with my friend Evans Tuning, where the only change was pistons (CR). if youve got data otherwise im always happy to learn
  3. Full-Race Geoff

    increasing compression typically corresponds to an increase in HP / lb boost. it does not change spool in my experience. That said the exhaust flow requirement is likely to go up in some capacity, particularly with the p&p so increasing turbine swallowing capacity to 1.45 a/r would make sense as a consideration provided youre aware of turbo shaft speed.
  4. Full-Race Geoff

    The 9180 1.05 can easily supply 500rwkw worth of airflow. the rest of the setup will need to support this, fuel is the biggest factor (knock) Full-Race has a few in stock, there will be a sale for the big holiday in the states this weekend
  5. Full-Race Geoff

    7064 is still a good turbo! the YB cosworth guys are over the moon for this... older tech 2L engines like sr20 and 3s seem to love the 7064 due to lower emap up top and easy to run external WG on twinscroll (compared to 7163)
  6. Full-Race Geoff

    it depends entirely on the application - altitude, engine size, max rpm, boost level, VE, etc. typically the 9174 exhibits increased emap at most points
  7. Full-Race Geoff

    we built the turbo kit on steph's drift car. its a 2.6L engine from a toyota sienna minivan, typically he revs to 7800-8000rpm depending on the track and gearing. Turbo setup is divided t4 manifold, very similar to evo but flipped so its a top mount obviously. the turbo started as 8374 0.92 a/r, then tested 1.05 a/r 8374 and went back to 0.92 once they had the nitrous on the car. He is battling V8s and 2jz's so he needs as much bottom end torque as is possible. once they switched to the 9174 he kept the 0.92 a/r for a while due to the setup already being built and in place. as of right now i believe he is back on the 1.05 a/r. keep in mind there is a lot of nitrous on this engine
  8. Full-Race Geoff

    that is correct, 9174 works best with the big 1.45 a/r housing when pushing the turbos limit. The 74mm turbine is relatively small to swing the 91mm compressor so anything that can be done to reduce preturbine drive pressure at high rpm / high boost is a win for this one.
  9. Full-Race Geoff

    Thats my man clinton! 9174 1.45 a/r external wastegate evoX.. he has embarassed some serious vehicles with this evoX
  10. Full-Race Geoff

    agree 100%. thank you for posting up Peter! when i was younger and had less experience, i also thought the 1.00 target was a good idea. now i understand peak turbine efficiency is typically found around the 1.00 a/r range. the larger a/r will flow more with a loss in turbine efficiency (counter intuitive i realize). the tradeoff is transient response, at least for a radial flow turbine
  11. Full-Race Geoff

    I am interested to see your impressions with the bigger housing. It does lose a bit of response, I personally prefer the 1.05 for most RB engines due to the balance of response and turbine efficiency. To your second point, however, the twin EFR is another level of breathing compared to the single EFR. when youre at the point of this volume of airflow, I believe the big twins really are the call
  12. Full-Race Geoff

    if anyone needs turbos or speed sensors, we have both in stock and happy to match any prices online. also we have a new Turbo Speed Gauge that is pre-programmed for EFR turbos:
  13. Full-Race Geoff

    that is a lot of motor for that little turbo. but to me this looks like a massive exhaust leak and/or boost leak. purely guessing without the turbo speed sensor data
  14. Full-Race Geoff

    It's possible from that chart a combination from too light WG spring + too much preload+ lots of backpressure. Purely guessing from the other side of the planet and not aware of your setup ? Edit I see the 6boost above which turbo and housing is this
  15. Full-Race Geoff

    Not that I am aware of.