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  1. James, the software remains unchanged for the standard ETS-Pro. The addition of wheel speed sensor hardware brings an appropriate software tweak for that version only
  2. Hi, thank you for the feedback. We are always looking for improvement to our products and take all ideas into consideration. In fact due to customer feedback, we recently updated ETS-Pro with the option for a 2nd microprocessor board for wheelspeed inputs. this improves performance in auto mode during low traction launches. Most of our customers seem happy with the units and have not complained about this. . please answer whether the same green connector used for the other switches (image attached) is suitable for your installation?
  3. i can guarantee that divider is going to crack off and get stuck in the turbo or in the wastegate
  4. the older s300 8375 0.91 makes 1 bar boost around 3900-4000rpm the EFR 8374 makes 1 bar boost around 3500rpm. Considering your goal to make power to 8200rpm i think the external WG 1.05 a/r would be your best bet
  5. Garrett's 3582R has an 82mm compressor and can reach you 400rwkw target BorgWarner 7670 is a 76mm compressor, will be out of breath at 400rwkw but may work well for 375 and quick response BorgWarner 8374 is 83mm compressor, and pumps out 400rwkw easily. Internal WG has its benefits (simplicity, cost) especially with EFR twins. But when looking to run a single at high boost and high rpm, external WG is typically more popular. it requires the gates, dumptubes, flanges/clamps etc agreed oh the horror! its so ugly i cant bear to look at it let alone drive it! hahaha spend some time with matchbot, videos at the bottom of the page explain how to use it: http://www.turbos.bwauto.com/aftermarket/matchbot.aspx
  6. Hey guys, Our Black Friday sale starts today, lasts until friday 11/25. SR20 manifolds on blowout for $799. s200sx 7670 4" inlet $549. s300sx FMW $699. Complete Turbo kits are $500 off (coupon code: [email protected]). E-mail questions to [email protected] - We are a small staff here and crazy busy this week, but send an email with shipping address we'll get back to you. thanks -Geoff
  7. The 7163 is an excellent turbo in twinscroll and singlescroll configuration. I have a few rally race customers that removed their $10k TR30R and switched to 7163 vband ewg (off the shelf) and gained performance. the 0.80 a/r twinscroll is optimal for very early spool on the 7163 but will hit an emap wall before the 0.85 singlescroll.. There is a possibility of larger A/R twinscroll housing in the future, but borgwarner moves slowly so this is wayy out. Modifying the manifold to external gate offers zero benefit, backpressure is dictated by the volute not the wg config. thanks for the heads up that our new website is missing the twinscroll 7163. we just launched this site and finding small errors all the time
  8. Kinkstah, the turbos i posted photos of are much smaller in wheel size and airflow rate than your GTX3582 (they're much earlier spooling turbos). Keep in mind your GTX3582 has an "82mm compressor" - this is a very big singlescroll turbo considering your setup. It is comparable to an EFR8374 with "83mm compressor". I can assure you that if you tried to cram a large efr 8374 in this area you would quickly run out of room also!
  9. Adrian, I agree this combination could work well. just make certain to get the IWG actuator and spring rate dialed for your needs. This is a critical part of optimizing performance from twinscroll IWG efr turbos Sorry I do not know yet Full-Race carries almost every variation of EFR turbo in stock - and our annual black friday sale starts next week. If youre looking to pick up a turbo, this is a good opportunity The 7064 is too small for RB26. I believe there is much more performance to be had once optimized. However your dyno chart shows only 200hp by 3500rpm - so there is likely an issue with the IWG actuator being too soft and getting blown open 7670 1.05 a/r is our #1 most popular efr turbo for a reason!
  10. It's still hard to say. Ive got some tuners who swear by the 7064. Yet there are others who love the 7163. I think the decision ultimately depends on the boost level and max rpm for a given EMAP level. No question the 7163 will come into boost sooner, but it does have considerably higher backpressure - and the standard 7163 inlet is a 2.5" (non ported shroud) which can be prone to surge in applications with lower VE. For example YB cosworth works better on 7064 than 7163 and I suspect RB20 would be similar I have a 7670 on my daily driver 2.3L mustang ecoboost right now. It is a "small" big turbo, 2 steps larger than 7163 - and comes on around 3500rpm. However i am really tempted to try a 7064 because this 2.3L engine does not like excessive emap, nor does it rev high. I'd like to be in the power around 3000rpm and still be on a 0.92 a/r agree as long as you can keep twinscroll, either option will work well i agree. each application and driver preference is unique and we can choose the rotor/housing combination that is best fitted to the application at hand photos attached of 7163 rb25 and 7064 rb25 by all means, seal the volutes and make it a true twinscroll. Manifold has a massive difference, its not just turbo and fancy materials. Coming from a gtx3582R on a standard manifold Id expect you will gain significant lowend/midrange by using a properly sized twinscroll turbo I believe the 0.80 a/r vs 0.92 a/r is a bigger argument than 7163 vs 7064 rotor pair. It takes much more wg spring to keep the 7163 spinning up to max speed than the 7064 - due in large part to the a/r differences
  11. hey guys - we just got back from an epic SEMA show. Ive attended for 16 years straight, this was by far the best. Thank you to everyone who stopped by the Ford and BorgWarner booths to say hi. BorgWarner introduced some *concept* turbos such as the ebooster and of course "black series" EFR9280 and EFR8474. It will be a while before these are production parts available for purchase - but the groundwork is in place. -The updated EFR9280 and EFR8474 turbos are purely in concept/development at this time. We do not have timeframe for release, however i expect 10-14 months. Not any time soon. -these turbos will be differentiated with a black hard anodize compressor wheel. All other turbos in the lineup remain unchanged -the available turbine housing A/R ratios for 74mm and 80mm turbine are: 0.83, 0.92, 1.05, 1.45 a/r. -If you plan to run serious boost and max out these turbos, then 1.45 should be a consideration to accommodate the increase in mass flow - without a corresponding increase in EMAP That is correct, these are concept units. The purpose of displaying these is to show that BW is working on the next generation of EFR turbos Yes. BW releases concepts every year... sometimes they get the axe and dont go into production - as was the case with the VTV housings last year that is correct. These new turbos can be expected to move more air at less shaft speed its going to take more than 6 months. these wheel designs are undergoing more tweaks and then testing/validation before entering production. BW does not move quickly shoot us an email at Full-Race. we have the turbos in stock and can certainly beat that price for you for 800 crank HP on a built 3L engine - i think the 9174 is a great turbo. The 8374 is too small and 9180 too big 7670 is an animal for mild RB25/26 builds. It will be out of breath at 400kw so keep this in mind. If you want more than 400rwkw go with the 8374 and 3500rpm threshold thanks piggaz if your friend is running a twinscroll EFR on openscroll manifold - he's missing out
  12. yes I agree, try the adaptor. here is a similar fitment photos that somebody sent to me
  13. most of our twin turbo customers go with the 6258s or 6758s. but we have a few guys in the US, Europe and Japan with twin 7163. the setup is another level completely... there were some twin 7163 graphs from twinsturbo recently. i think i posted it in the other thread as well, completely mental combination
  14. thanks. i get tired of posting this ^^^ in response to "what does it trap" posts. Believe me guys, i get it - you want to compare it to every other turbo out there. The thing is, these are different. And the difference is not on a dyno or a drag strip. If you actually get real experience with an EFR then you will get it too.. and if drag racing is your thing, Twin-EFR is the way. Not single. good guys at nizpro
  15. my car is 2.6L and circuit only - I rarely drive on the street unless driving to the track. 4500rpm spool is late for the small track. 9180 gives violent acceleration.. with a nose heavy RB26 up front, i felt it was too much turbo for this stock displacement on tight tracks. I prefer spool by 3800-4000rpm so the 8374 was perfect for that. I expect 9174 to bridge the gap and will try that next. 2.8L might be the solution in the end. also the 9174 has the alloy CHRA and saves 7lbs so thats a bonus!