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  1. We have more EFR turbine housings *in stock* than anyone else (BorgWarner included) Before you buy EFR turbine housings, make sure the reseller has it in stock... because if its not on the shelf, it can take 4-6+ months to get loose housings Im always hearing of shops taking orders for turbos they can not possibly deliver. I dont fault them, because they think they can do it. But in reality production on these turbos is so spotty / low volume and backorders so severe - if the reseller taking your money does not have the BW turbo in stock, I'd bet you won't see it within 4+ months. Maybe you will get lucky and prove me wrong. for your sake I hope so! ^^this kid is a maniac, cant ever understand much of what he writes. his brother is a customer of mine, owns a shop with multiple built R34's and twin 7163 kits on 2.8L tomei longblocks
  2. I agree with everything you wrote. But, 1000flywheel HP on a 9180 is going to be damn close to overspeed and possibly fail the EFR9180. Based on my experience, twin 7163 is my vote anytime 850+HP is the target. The RB twin EFR kit is one of the best kits we offer, but I do not expect anyone to take my word for it. I use IWG for my personal builds. Much cleaner/simpler/less complex/less weight etc. It does have its drawbacks, but unless its a dedicated competition vehicle i think IWG has merit Considering a 2.5L RB25 targetting 400kw (536hp) - EFR7670 is a tiny bit small. It might acheive your objective, but will likely depend on the cylinder head and cam. The EFR8374 is a comparable turbo go GT35R and an airflow rate that can more easily hit the power target agreed, i absolutely love R34 6speed gearing with the 4.111 final drive. feels like my evo garrett and pte (turbonetics) both offer a number of higher airflow rates. We also have the 72mm and 76mm SXE available from the drag racing lineup.. However twin EFR is another animal entirely ^^^this
  3. he is having some fun out there! thanks for sharing the video
  4. Correct - the only difference is material and corresponding weight. The aluminum is mandatory to watercool and the steel doesnt care much. we have these in stock with all options would love to see the 0.64 vs 0.85 a/r comparison if you have one? boost plot is fine if you have it +1 good riddance to HICAS yes, that will work perfectly. no need for GTR ps pump, any r33 or r34 base will work. also rb30 PS pumps supposedly work (info from a customer). Electric PS is a benefit for race applicaitons because it takes the flammable PS fluid and moves far away from the heat of the exhaust
  5. I dont know many people on this site who bag twin EFRs, but single EFR is most common and for good reason: excellent performance and simple to retrofit existing greddy or HKS installations. Twin IWG works better than single IWG and twin 6258s have a noticeably better throttle-link-to-boost-response than the big 9180. Its not for everyone, but we have some customers in russia, europe and japan who are now only purchasing our twin RB kits. twin EFR means no dumptube headaches and no backpressure issues choking on 0.92 we have logged on the 6258 2.8L car here but it runs well and reliably, doesnt require much oversight. the twins are almost never operating near max speed limits or emap choke points like the big singles so its not been nearly as critical as with the 9180 or 9174/8374. in terms of mass airflow rate, twin 6258s are a little bigger than a single 8374. but smaller than 9174 or 9180.
  6. and for the record. twin EFR is really really good on RB..
  7. Yes, 9174 supercore will be plug and play for 8374 EFR turbo. you dont need to remove the turbine housing, just loosen the cam bolts and swap supercores. let me know if you need one we have a few incoming still being tested. you will probably get some more hints at sema. The other EFRs will not change or get discontinued, they all remain relevant and have their place
  8. yes we have all the EFR 8374 housing in stock. Which are you needing specifically? this was examined, as well as a larger 1.68 a/r. But the spool difference for flow increase was found to be negligible and BW engineering determined there was no benefit worthy of the investment
  9. in twinscroll configuration the spool difference between 6758 and 7163 is typically 250-300rpm. in singlescroll config its more dramatic, ~400-500rpm. if you take the time to get matchbot dialed in for your setup, look at the exhaust manifold delta Pressure and that will give you a clear indication. watch the youtube videos at the bottom of the page to get started. We have a healthy supply of 7163 and happy to offer a forum discount to anyone here the question of whether it will fall over up top depends on: engine displacement engine VE max engine RPM boost level emap altitude backpressure IWG canister
  10. the answer is "it depends" -- engine displacement, boost level, max engine rpm, VE and altitude will all have an effect on backpressure and "the numbers" both are good turbos. 7163 is typically much more popular because when run in twinscroll config - the spool is similar to 6758 with much more airflow. the mixed flow turbine wheel in the 7163 has higher strength and lower inertia than an equivalent radial turbine wheel. Interestingly the mixed flow aero did not work nearly as well when it was scaled up to the larger wheel sizes
  11. James, the software remains unchanged for the standard ETS-Pro. The addition of wheel speed sensor hardware brings an appropriate software tweak for that version only
  12. Hi, thank you for the feedback. We are always looking for improvement to our products and take all ideas into consideration. In fact due to customer feedback, we recently updated ETS-Pro with the option for a 2nd microprocessor board for wheelspeed inputs. this improves performance in auto mode during low traction launches. Most of our customers seem happy with the units and have not complained about this. . please answer whether the same green connector used for the other switches (image attached) is suitable for your installation?
  13. i can guarantee that divider is going to crack off and get stuck in the turbo or in the wastegate
  14. the older s300 8375 0.91 makes 1 bar boost around 3900-4000rpm the EFR 8374 makes 1 bar boost around 3500rpm. Considering your goal to make power to 8200rpm i think the external WG 1.05 a/r would be your best bet
  15. Garrett's 3582R has an 82mm compressor and can reach you 400rwkw target BorgWarner 7670 is a 76mm compressor, will be out of breath at 400rwkw but may work well for 375 and quick response BorgWarner 8374 is 83mm compressor, and pumps out 400rwkw easily. Internal WG has its benefits (simplicity, cost) especially with EFR twins. But when looking to run a single at high boost and high rpm, external WG is typically more popular. it requires the gates, dumptubes, flanges/clamps etc agreed oh the horror! its so ugly i cant bear to look at it let alone drive it! hahaha spend some time with matchbot, videos at the bottom of the page explain how to use it: http://www.turbos.bwauto.com/aftermarket/matchbot.aspx