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  1. what manifold are you using? If singlescroll vband, then g30-900 could be interesting. if twinscroll t4 then g35-900 might be the preference. these motors are sensitive to preturbine backpressure, so managing that is the key to getting this right
  2. HKS new line of turbos based on G series chra: GT_4950BB = G25 (49mm exducer turbine wheel) GT_6290BB = G35 (62mm exducer turbine wheel) GT_7595BB = G42 (75mm exducer turbine wheel)
  3. What I can say is that, as expected - the turbo feels a lot lazier than you'd expect Lith... basing anything on a counterfeit amazon knockoff seems disingenuous
  4. the g30 spools like a gtx3076, with HP and airflow in the Gtx35 size range. They are impressive turbos, but the naming and nomenclature is a little confusing, if it was up to me G25 would be called G30, G30 would be called G35, etc
  5. g35 is a big turbo. i feel like the naming is off becuase it acts more like a gtx40-gtx42 frame size
  6. Ive been very impressed with the G25 IWG. Its essentially a higher flowing "bigger" turbo than GTX2860. it has lower turbine wheel inertia and improved bearings. so I'd expect overall time to torque and transient response to be comparable to the GTX2867 with higher efficiency across the board if youre getting a new vband manifold, the 0.72 iwg is a great setup. i'd probably take that gamble. but understandably it may be larger than you're looking for to save the 6 speed
  7. 2.5L STI, 8474 (gray line) vs 8374 (purple and white lines) both 1.05 a/r on full race kit you can see the 8474 lost a small amount in the midrange, but gains it back and then some at 5000+rpm. definitely a bigger turbo but overall may be worth the compromise if wanting more airflow than the 8374 can support
  8. sorry but no, BW doesnt discount. and the suppliers get whatever bw sends us
  9. which manifold and wastegate config are you considering? If divided manifold and dual gates, theres ~300rpm spool difference from 8374 to 9174. as a reference point, one of my customers recently switched from 8374 1.05 to g35-1050 1.06 to 8474 1.05 on his 2.5L subaru sti track car. 8474 was almost identical spool to 8374 and it was a surprise to me
  10. depending on which supercore you have (aluminum or stainless) youll want to get the appropriate mounting hardware for the exhaust housing. But keep in mind they are A2-70 so I'd recommend acquiring the correct hardware - its unlikely you can find this at a hardware store where are you located? there are many top shelf tuners here in the states where did you get this turbo from? Your supplier should be able to get this handled by BW with a replacement cover. the ported shroud B2 covers have casting inclusions like this from time to time. there is zero impact on performance but the aesthetic is understandably unsettling
  11. not sure if trolling or not, but you can use the matchbot page to accurately determine your parameters. if you plan to run 1000whp on a circuit, youve got your work cut out for you
  12. the SXE will spool about 300rpm later and have more top end. good, simple, journal bearing turbo. since this is the EFR thread - a mild 2.6L build with EFR8374 using internal wastegate/internal bov is a phenomenal performer. it's about the same price as airwerks with external wg/bov if cost is the airwerks factor
  13. I'm glad to hear you like the decade old 9174. it remains a relevant turbo and due to a price discrepancy (that was never resolved) 9174 is the lowest cost EFR in the lineup. a bargain compared to almost anything else in the same price range 1.45 a/r is a monster. It was originally designed for Honda's Indycar 2.2L V6 engine (12k rpm rev limit). As long as the housing is divided and there is a lot of boost at high engine speed >8500rpm then the 1.45 will work great. *edit: Transient response will suffer, so it doesnt make sense for drift cars
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