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  1. hey guys, only PowerFC for r33 left now I'll drop it too $1100 bradski
  2. bumpy bump Also will do COD or whatever that is at the post office. brad.
  3. hey guys, selling my Z32 air flow metre of my r33 skyline $200 cash and pick up only brad. melbourne area. 0413 143 141
  4. Thanks mate, much better thats done it, im just trying to sell my splitfires so. brad.
  5. garrett 3076r turbo bosch 040 pump Few other little things here and there Im only doing this because of epa and cbf putting it back on All the gear im selling.. also a good tunner in ray Car was makig 275rwkw only on 18psi If the engine was built alot thougher then could've pushed alot more.. and the splitfire coilpacks are for ony Series 2
  6. lol yer But all the code is ECR33
  7. lol if i could be bothered with it i would, can prob do COD you got a series 2?
  8. Quick q n a, The coilpacks are the same from the r33 gtst series 1 and 2 correct? same engine etc so?
  9. B-rad33

    Spotted Thread

    Was me dude, out for a cruise with the misses before the weather turns bad
  10. Remember guys pick up and cash only.. for those who have rang! and asked otherwise
  11. Hey guys, I own an R33 GTST alot of you know me! Been putting my car back to stock , and then selling it so few things to sell off. Its all just been taken off by the boys at re customs So parts are - PowerFC & hand controller for R33 GTST $1200 perfect condition, comes with box - 6 Splitfire coilovers(blue) not even a yr old all work properly $400 comes with box - 6 SARD 850cc Injectors all flow and work fine were only just tested a few weeks ago $400 comes with boxes If you want to know if there all in proper working order dont hesitate to call ray at re customs, as they have just come from it. My number is 0413 143 141 feel free to call anytime as i dont think these things will last long. i wont really move on any prices ive said, and everything only cash and pick-up, as im getting money for my trip overseas! regads Brad.
  12. you have PM mate And the ones at autobarn are just adaptors to bolt something else into, ie. like a skyline AFM i need the adaptor for the actual AFM to be screwed into..ill get a pic tomorrow. and it will make sense lol
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