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  1. pretty sure i seen this car this morning near the paralowie shops
  2. hey everyone spotted atleast one person today the bloke who has the little 323 that was at collingrove at the round about near the paralowie shops and also a white series2 33 behind me same area at about 8am this morning Paul.
  3. do you have a link for the advert or anymore details pics etc?
  4. haha yeah i figured that out when i just spoke to the dude and he said he sold it 2 days ago that was the one i was keen on lol ahwell best in best dressed eh
  5. i know and it looks nice just gonna suss this other one out before i go an get his hopes up
  6. have to say no sorry to that one too dude after a 2 door 33 cheers anyway mate Paul.
  7. cheers man but have to say na sorry need a car i can pretty much take and be on the road asap due to work commitments Paul.
  8. aww no what one did you and ya mate pick up? lol fingers crossed it wasnt one i was looking at lol
  9. you gots the extra $$$ for me to buy a manual turbocharged 34??
  10. hey cheers for the response guys, i think i'm somewhat mechanically minded was just seeing if there were common things that go wrong in them to keep an extra watchful eye out for, also with the RAA check a bunch of my mates are mechanics so i'll def be getting them to give it a look over take it into their workshop and get it in the air, and dohmar as good as it sounds i think i'd stick with a 2 door got my eye on a couple of cars at the moment. Thanks guys Paul.
  11. hey everyone I've come to the realization that a skyline is a must and i think it is now time for me to jump back into the drivers seat of a line problem being I've only ever dealt with the older skylines r30's and r31's and don't really know what i should be looking for when sussing out vehicles, what usually goes wrong, where do they rust mostly and any other ifs and butts i need to know when shopping for a 33 any help is muchly appreciated people thanks for ya time and effort in advance Paul. :)
  12. hey dude did you know if the side skirts are just for the coupes? nice looking kit though would very much like it
  13. when i did mine we covered it in fiberglass and started fresh made holes as big as we needed actually looked pretty good painted it the same colour as we painted the dash looked like it was meant to be
  14. WHAT A MONKEY!!! thought he would of gotten a clue last year when he couldnt sell a car worth $500 for 34 times the value of the vehicle or maybe if he had of check nearly 30 years ago when the car was brand spanker it still wasnt even the price he was asking for it i say let him live in his world full of flying cops and $17,000 auto mr30 sedans with "custom paint jobs"
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