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  1. Hi everyone, Have not been on here for quite sometime but hope it still is a good resource for car enthusiasts. I have a 4 wheel drive fault which logs on between 1 minute to 10 minutes after start up. That is the 4 wheel drive turns off and light inside dash lights up. When I turn off engine and start it again it resets and allows me to once again use the 4 wheel drive. I have been told it could be a number of issues, but I believe it more likely is the switch or circuit that is next to the gear box, this is apparent as it always truns off when I disengage the gears and let it roll to a stop. I have also been told that the 4wd needs bleeding and that can be the issue. Anyone know what the costs are of fixing this issue...and who can do it while I wait.?????????????? I am in the north side of Melbourne and hope someone can help. Thanks in advance,,,
  2. OK......hope there good... Give me your account details. Send it to Project Vision 3 Scammel Street Campbellfield 3061 Thanks
  3. Campbellfield $1500 includes tyres and etc. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/R3...p;hl=gtr33+Rims
  4. Hello , As topic suggests, looking for both, new or in good condition. Thanks
  5. I think I may have one.....will check for you. What are they worth anyway? Suppose as much as I can get and as little as you can pay....lol
  6. Hello, Where are you? Why is it white? Has it been painted or does carbon fibre also come in white?
  7. Hello all, As topic suggests. I need a good RB25 or RB20 AFM. I have the green sticker. Thanks in advance..... PM Me if you have one
  8. If you haven't sold it....pm me you banking details... I am in Melbourne
  9. In Melbourne.........pm me with price and location..thanks
  10. As the Topic suggests. PM me if your have one that is working. I will pick up. Thanks
  11. it may be your injector. But $100 bucks says it is either your resistor pack or your cables to the coil pack.
  12. We did up one and only could push .9 Bar on the stock Turbo's. Strange, because I always thought that 1 bar was safe for RB25's and Neos......Not. Even with a FMIC, fuel pump, exhaust and computer upgrade it pushed 180RWKW's. This is an Auto and not manual driven around the city daily. The Neo Motor is not the best stock motor to draw reliable power from. If you push it to its limits more than likely you will need a re-build. 300 RWKW's day in day out with stock internals?..... Depends once again on the Dyno your using.
  13. If my car was tuned in Perth. It would have another 100 horses. The air does something to the cars there.
  14. Lets have a dyno day. .........any workshops with a 4w dyno willing to take it up? there would be no debate if this happened
  15. Hi, The miss could be a number of things. First is your plugs. Second is the Coil packs. Third is the coil loom..ie plugs and wire cables fourth could be your ignitor not getting earth. Fifth could the PFC as everyone has stated. Sixth could be your tune. Seventh could be what I think I have...air bubbles in coolant. Tried bleeding a few times but never gets hot enough. Although not a miss..it sometimes feels like one. Eight could be your pedal...you could hit a slight hump causing your pedal to let go and engage again..this happened more to me until I changed my spring rates. or Ninth thing could be that one of your injectors is rooted..or maybe a few. Don't think I left anything out...oh..don't think about it to much..... Its not the easiest thing to live with a gtr...lol.
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