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  1. Az_StrYdeR

    For Sale

    I believe that the Series 1 Turbo had a steel compressor wheel, and the Series 2 had a Nylon compressor wheel. Both had ceramic turbine wheels.
  2. LOL its good to know there is interest in the parts
  3. I just want to specify that at the moment, the parts are staying in the car. I would much prefer to sell it whole, but if it comes to parting out these bits then I will post up they are available. Was really just looking to what people thought the parts were worth, so I can adjust my price accordingly. Cheers
  4. Cheers Trent! Appreciate the help
  5. The fuel pump and the coil packs wouldnt have done more than 10k. And the turbo, injectors and afm would have done less than that.
  6. Im currently trying to sell my R33 S2 to fund getting a house deposit together, and I'm starting to consider stripping out some of the upgraded parts. These are the parts I would be swapping out for standards: HKS GT-RS Turbo Nismo 550cc Injectors Apexi PowerFC & Commander Apexi Electronic Boost Controller Splitfire Coil Packs Nismo Fuel Pump Z32 AFM What would they be worth seperate now? I appreciate any input cheers
  7. Az_StrYdeR

    Stolen Evo 6

    Thats f'n awesome!! Would have been better if it was never taken in the first place, but you take what you can get
  8. Price Drop $22,000 ono Ph: 0417519593
  9. Silver 1996 R33 Nissan Skyline Gts-t S2 Manual Factory Option Side Skirts and Nismo Front Lip 120,000 Klm Has had its 100,000k service and has been serviced every 5,000K’s since imported. This has been very well looked after! Has been Dyno tuned @ 244 rwkw’s Mods are: HKS GT-RS Turbo Nismo 550cc Injectors Apexi PowerFC & Commander (Hand-Controller) Apexi Electronic Boost Controller (Connects to PowerFC) 3” Bell Mouth Front/Dump Pipe Kakimoto Regu 06&R Cat Back Exhaust Hybrid FMIC Nismo Fuel Pump Jim Berry Race Clutch (Rated @ 450 HP, feels like standard) Splitfire Coil Packs Z32 AFM Apexi Pod Filter Cold Air Box (not fitted) HICAS Lockbar (not fitted) 17” Volk Challenge Wheels (8” Fronts, 9” Rears, Currently has Hankook tyres) Full alarm, immobiliser and central locking Kenwood double DIN head unit Kenwood/Pioneer Front Splits (Original Kenwood 6” speakers died) Kenwood Component rears Custom moulded 12” Sub Box in boot (empty) which reduces boot space by only 2 inch’s $22,500 ono Pics to come
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