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  1. does the stock ECU adjust itself accordingly to suit the new injectors? or do u have to tune/replace the ECU aswell?
  2. i told u all that u wont get ur money back, but noooooooo, no one would listen to me... 'i was wrong' .. if i owed someone money for almost 6 months now, id pay up, no matter what.. frankly, i dont see any of u getting ur money back..
  3. Vehicle: 1995 NISSAN SKYLINE ECR33 GTS-T Kilometres: 94,000 Body: Coupe Colour: Acid Rush Interior Colour: Black/Purple Transmission: 5 speed Manual Engine: RB25DET Reg Expire: SEP-2007 Roadworthy Certificate: Yes Well kept car and is in EXCELLENT condition. Have spent over $15k on this car. Mods/Upgrades: HKS GT2530kai Turbo Hybrid Front Mount Intercooler APEXi Turbo Timer APEXi Super Air Flow Converter II (SAFC2) Hybrid Boost Controller X-Force 3" Exhaust System Custom 3" Split dump pipe Custom Exhaust Manifold Blitz Air Intake Pod TurboSmart blow off valve NISMO 400R Front Bar + Side Skirts Air Fuel Ratio Gauge GTR Boost & Oil Gauges 19" Lowenus Rims Custom Acid Rush Paint Also comes with a Pioneer head deck, 2 x Sony Xploder 6" splits, 2 x Pioneer 6'9"s and 12" Sub with Alpine amp. Supplied with: -Engineers Report (AKZ Engineering) -Dyno Printout 232rwkw @ 16psi -Rego (September 07) Price: $19,999 This car has been regularly serviced and maintained, and is in excellent condition. Regretful sale. Pics below.. PM me if interested.. Mick
  4. spotted MANG @ Trojan this morning.. good to meet u buddy..
  5. i just used car wax/polish and it cleared up mine nicely.. i guess it depends on how bad ur lights are, or if u have heaps of scratches..
  6. this sounds very much like the missfire that i had.. but it started from 4500 to about 5500rpm.. so im not sure if its a coil pack problem, but maybe fuel ratios (rich n retard) problem..
  7. its been around 6 months now? people, ur not getting ur money back, thats that.. they scammed you and left for sydney, simple as that.. there will NOT be any paintball, there will NOT be any shooting, and there will NOT be any refunds..
  8. either that or they were fixing the dash wiring on my 33.. they done a great job on clutch aswell, definitelly recommend them..
  9. u guys still havnt gone to paintball? wasnt this organised like 6 months ago? lol
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