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  1. R34 GTR Nismo Style Side Skirts and Rear Pod Z Tune Fibre Glass from Carbonetics. Brand new in box.Never painted or fitted. Sold my car. $300 plus shipping
  2. I have brand new in box Apexi pods. Sold the car and never fitted. PM me if interested.
  3. Looking for a set of R32 GTR stock wheels and tyres in WA Please PM me.
  4. I have -5s brand new in box. balanced and never fitted. Sold me car without fitting. $2,500 plus $75 shipping if not in WA. PM me if interested.
  5. Late model R32 GTR Steering Wheel for sale. Selling as it won't fit my 1989 GTR. Good original condition 8/10. Some small scratches. Never repainted or rewrapped to my knowledge. Will post photos later today or PM me your numbers and I can send you directly tonight. $600 plus $50 postage within Australia
  6. No thats all. Didn't realise that they were so expensive. Money well spent!
  7. I'm in Perth. The car is in storage so i"ll grab photos by this weekend.
  8. Looking to buy R32 GTR lightened flywheel and clutch kit
  9. I have a set $1,200 including rubber. Rubber will pass any RWC. PM if interest. Shipping is about $100.
  10. I just bought a set a week ago and got them fitted to my black R32 GTR. Stunning wheel and period correct
  11. I'm looking for a R34 GTR at the moment. Happy for any leads at reasons prices.
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