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  1. Neither. Naked Komatsu WA1200 loader a lazy 160t
  2. Just going for a drive across Australia. Why not eh
  3. Earlystart but someones gotta do it.....apparently lol Morning folks
  4. Bit bigger than that. Ill show ya tomorrow ? Yeah would be good. Give me a months notice and i should be able to be in perth
  5. Half your luck. My week starts tomorrow. BIG job on
  6. A small portion my sons shoe collection and if they are so much as touched even slightly. .....may the son of rajab have no mercy on you haha
  7. Id rather be in Dubai than bloody victoria lol
  8. The morningair has a slight chill to it this morning. Morning yall!!!
  9. Lol fk eh. I dontthink I know anyone there anymore. Does Keets still getvin there much or just stewie?
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