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  1. R DIRTY 3

    Morning all
  2. R DIRTY 3

    Im pushing
  3. R DIRTY 3

    Neither. Naked Komatsu WA1200 loader a lazy 160t
  4. R DIRTY 3

    his insurance
  5. R DIRTY 3

    Just going for a drive across Australia. Why not eh
  6. R DIRTY 3

    Earlystart but someones gotta do it.....apparently lol Morning folks
  7. R DIRTY 3

    Bit bigger than that. Ill show ya tomorrow 😉 Yeah would be good. Give me a months notice and i should be able to be in perth
  8. R DIRTY 3

    Half your luck. My week starts tomorrow. BIG job on
  9. R DIRTY 3

    A small portion my sons shoe collection and if they are so much as touched even slightly. .....may the son of rajab have no mercy on you haha
  10. R DIRTY 3

    Tuesdays excite you huh haha
  11. R DIRTY 3

    Morning all.
  12. R DIRTY 3

    Id rather be in Dubai than bloody victoria lol
  13. R DIRTY 3

    The morningair has a slight chill to it this morning. Morning yall!!!
  14. R DIRTY 3

    Lol fk eh. I dontthink I know anyone there anymore. Does Keets still getvin there much or just stewie?
  15. R DIRTY 3

    i thought Jarrad left?