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  1. Listen to whatever the tuner/engine builder says. In my opinion For run in? 15psi is fine. For an actual tune? I'd look elsewhere. A large turbo with a decent sized hotside and more than likely aggressive camshafts all to keep it at a 2:1PR and on 98ron? I wouldn't even bother building such a setup for that.
  2. Actually Tao, Prabaths 300ZX did 940rwhp on Trents dyno maxing out the torque at 1200nm.
  3. Pulsar turbos make power and spool exactly the same as their garrett counterparts.
  4. Best bet is to check some US forums, i know a lot of mustang guys run bigger pulsar turbos and have good results.
  5. Lol R&R my r33 did that on the stock ecu too. Turn the boost down or get an aftermarket ecu.
  6. Mate i wouldn't bother any further, they seem content not to listen to first hand experience so there's no reason to continue trying to explain anything.
  7. As i said, if you don't want one then don't buy one. If you think a theoretical miniscule variation in weight of the compressor or turbine wheel is worth paying triple what i paid for mine then more power to you. I'm more than happy with my poor-mans turbo. What i find funny is that people on her wank over mamba/kinugawa but when another (much better) turbo comes along you won't even take someones positive feedback on it.
  8. I cant say for my setup as im running mine in a compound setup and rear mounted. However a friends xr6t has gone from a gcg gtx35 to a pulsar and its exactly the same power and spool wise.
  9. Lol mate ive had it apart and the specs match the real thing. If you don't want one then don't buy one, i'm giving first hand experience since i own one.
  10. Old thread, But i run a Pulsar GTX3584RS GenII. Great quality and works just fine.
  11. First off, R32/R33/R34 GTR's only come with RB26 engines as standard. Secondly these cars are so hilariously slow in standard form that "taking the turbo off" is a big waste of time. Must be school holidays again.
  12. Is this turbo comparable to the new GTX3584? Im looking to replace the GT4202R in my compound setup and some of these new 67mm compressors seem to flow just as well or even better than the old 74mm 42R unit.
  13. Update: Swapped nistune out for Link G4+ Added external wastegates Dual intake Rear coilovers Car ran 12.1 @ 117mph. 1.8 60ft Stock fuel pump is out of juice and was leaning out bad enough for the car to lose power. 1/8th mile trap was 93-94mph.
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