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  1. Sorry mate extreme newbie here as far as maintaining the car myself always goto a mechaninc... AFM? Air Fuel Meter? and how would i try doing any ECU diagnostics? I took it too the mechanics today left it there all day and the bloody thing did not play up once and he can not see anything wrong I drove it home and around the coast for bout 1hr and no probs... could it have something to do with the rain i was driving in?... I don't see how has never been a prob b4. What loose wires would i be looking for? thanks for your suggestions so far guys please help me out more if you can! thanks!!!
  2. I had a search through the threads last night and it sounds exactly like this except mine shudders and ****ters when i put my fot down "HELP !- losing a cylinder in the rain As topic states: losing cylinder(s) when parked outside in the current Sydney weather for 6 hours on an otherwise stock ECR33. after a while (quite a while) & some heat it comes good. The plugs are newish and the Datto has never missed a beat. Are S1 RB25's prone to this ?? has anyone else experienced this ?? It's kinda spooked me... " Yup, adam's spot on. it'll sound like a WRX just off idle & runs about as bad as an engine can without stalling ! Swapping the pos of the coils on the alloy mount... well I'm dead certain the moisture was between the coil & mount and that by simply removing/inspecting/cleaning/silicone spraying/replacing (with sighted good ones) the known faulty ones came good !! Also I eyeballed the sus coils arcing (up to 12mm !!) to the alloy mount from their bases which was a bit of a giveaway. I reckon seeing is believing, & there's been a lot of threads about coil pack testing involving swapping coils and tossing the failing ones. So how many perfectly good ones get tossed !! Using the "Crank & Eyeball" test, if the coil is good you should see a spark, but NOT necessarily at the plug electrode ! If no spark do the GraemeW test. Many have questioned the validity of this test, but if it fails it's well & truly dead. I know from searching these forums that other members coils' have passed the resistance test but got binned anyway, consequently the rumour exists that this test is unreliable - methinks not !! P.S. I gapped the plugs to .75mm and no more miss under load @4500rpm above 8-9 PSI with stock ECU. Jay95 posted about this in another thread & I give it the full thumbs up.. gap 'em down with confidence. so do you think it could be the coil packs?
  3. guys i was driving down the freeway the other day not thrashing the car or anything doing aroun 120km/h and put my foot down in 5th to overtake slow car in front and all i got was this whomp whomp whomp through the exhaust but no compression revs up to 2500rpm nothing past there I had to putt putt all the way to nth syd from gosford at 70-80km/h and not got past 2500rpm or the whole car would shudder and now tonight I had to drive it back home and even worse getting less and less compression taking it to the mechanic in the morning but I need to ask you any ideas!!?? Just so the bugger can't rip me off! I turn the car off and back on and it is ok as soon as I get going same thing happens again? Also what is the HICAS light and will that have anything to do with it?... Please help guys!
  4. sorry to sound completely dumb but he only way to learn is to ask... What exactly does an SAFC do for your car?
  5. pics at all dude? I reckon everyone should post with pics when selling everyone wants to know what it looks like before they are going to buy it and if ya don't have any then just say so in the intial blurb... So yeah anyways any pics?
  6. hey do u have the website for the company that installs the alarm? I just wanna see the pics / tech specs of the alarm before I go handing over any cash... Very keen though, I need a new alarm but the ones that I have been looking at like Viper and Boomerang are much more expensive then this is this because the one you are selling iss of a low quality or does just lack in the useless gimmics that incresase the price of the other 2 alarms?
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