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  1. My couple. Didn't really bother taking any.
  2. stag98

    Would not surprise me. I always thought they weren't 400R but have not been able to verify what they are exactly.
  3. stag98

    OEM series 3 front bumper with (rare) factory option Nismo oil cooler and corresponding vents. Nismo 400R bonnet lip Nismo 400R wheel arch flares Nismo 400R side skirts Nismo 400R rear bar
  4. stag98

    Yeah probably somewhere on my phone lol.
  5. stag98

  6. stag98

    TE37SL's repainted Hankook RS3 285/35 Nismo 52mm wheel nuts Slight height adjustment.
  7. BIG DROP Due to a couple of time wasters these are still for sale! $1500 delivered for Eastern States if bought before next weekend (16th) $1600 delivered for SA/TAS/WA/NT
  8. stag98

  9. stag98

    I was indeed.
  10. stag98

    Post wash photos.
  11. BUMP $1800. Fronts are 70% and rears are actually closer to 50% not 30%.
  12. stag98

    I have standard injectors and cam gears which came out of my R33 GTR, not sure if they'll fit or be a good upgrade to a GTS though. I also have stock R33 GTR turbos as well but both need a full rebuild.
  13. stag98

    I lost track of time on this, unfortunately I'm out
  14. stag98

    Spotted a white 32GTR (GTR-32M) on Waringah Rd yesterday arvo.
  15. Probably not interested and that's fine, but open to a swap? Front & rear set of AP Racing 6/4 pot calipers and discs?