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  1. I lost track of time on this, unfortunately I'm out
  2. Spotted a white 32GTR (GTR-32M) on Waringah Rd yesterday arvo.
  3. Probably not interested and that's fine, but open to a swap? Front & rear set of AP Racing 6/4 pot calipers and discs?
  4. I "should" be there and +1
  5. Updated List: Actuators - SOLD HKS Fuel rail - SOLD Standard r33 gtr cam gears $50 Standard r33 gtr injectors $140 Standard r33 gtr ecu $130 Standard r33 gtr radiator $130 All the above worked without issue when removed and were only removed due to upgrading when I upgraded turbos. The car had done 95,066kms when removed, injectors have been tested and all working perfectly. Standard R33 GTR turbos, both are completely dead and need a rebuild - $30 for both or I'll just throw them out. Pick up Blacktown NSW or I can post at buyers expense.
  6. FS: Hankook Ventus Tyres I have a set of 4 Hankook Ventus V8-RS tyres in 265/35/18 size. They came off of a set of wheels I bought and are only being sold as I am going to a 285 size otherwise I'd retain them. Two have about 60% and the other two have about 45% Perfect for a spare set, cheap interim tyres until you can afford a brand new full set, or even for clearing a defect or pink/blue slip inspection Located in Blacktown. Pick up only. $140 for the lot!
  7. BUMP Will also consider a swap for good condition R34 GTR wheels (with caps) and tyres plus cash my way. *Edit - Also, the front tyres have about 70% tread left, rears are about 30%
  8. Price is negotiable, and I am happy to sell without tyres
  9. FS: Wedsports TC105N So I have impulsively bought new wheels which means my current ones are up for sale for the right price. Otherwise I'll keep them as a spare set. Semi rare size of 18x10.5" +12 offset and currently have 265/35 tyres on at the moment with about 35% tread left and some inner camber wear on the rear. The wheels themselves are in excellent condition with virtually no blemishes besides current brake dust - which will be cleaned before sale lol. Looking at $2,300 (slightly negotiable) and can post but at your cost, otherwise pick up from the Hills District in NSW. PM me on here, or text during business hours 0400-529-930
  10. Both were through auction. The FOB (auction sale price) is below. GTR #1 - 21/06/2013 @ 1,845,000JPY which was 89.59JPY exchange rate = just over $20k AUD GTR #2 - 01/04/2016 @ 2,353,000JPY which was 85.98JPY exchange rate = approx. $26/27k AUD Compliance, rego, shipping etc will never cost the same as these vary dependent on the FOB/purchase price of the car itself. But the actual cost of the car itself in JPY as you can see from above, has increased irrespective of the exchange rate. A quick search of recently sold vehicles at auction will show similar values; You'll notice that series 1 and 2's are now worth what series 3 were a few years back, where as series 3's are now slightly further ahead. (very similar, except mine has a couple of extra mods)
  11. I imported a low km grade 4.5A series 3 v-spec back in 2013 and it cost me $30k landed, complied and registered. Fast forward 3 years and in March this year I imported another grade 4A series 3 with 23,000kms more on the odometer however this time the total cost was a smidge under $41k landed, complied & registered - so yes, I would say that prices are on their way up and especially now that Canada can road register them and in some states of the USA the series 1 & 2 models can be registered as well is pushing up the prices at auction.
  12. It does make sense, because the NRMA V&V scheme is specifically designed to cater for a certain assortment of vehicles, there is also a usage limitation on the V&V policy as well - where as the SP25 would likely be on a normal motor policy and on frequent usage. My R33 GTR ($45k) is on a limited use set up with Famous and it costs less to insure than my gf's lancer ($14k) which is on an everyday usage. I guess insurance generally only makes sense (when dealing with loss ratios, claim frequency, average claim costs, claims per age demographic, claims per vehicle make, claims per vehicle value brackets etc) for those of us who work in the industry