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  1. Col-GTSX

    Dead Gtr 34

    Common Daz, Noy spill (what happened )
  2. Do you work for Cameron at BDP's Nick?
  3. Col-GTSX

    Dead Gtr 34

    wow, seen that car around heaps between North Bris and the sunny coast... Goooooooooone
  4. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/294953-are-you-a-business-want-to-advertise-on-sau-click-here/ ^^^...All you need to know right here...^^^
  5. that would be because of the 2500 motorbikes who will frequent the hills any given weekend... Its one entry and one exit, so no running... They had a dot station at the top of Mt G last weekend, took about 20 bikes off the road in the hour i was there having coffee...
  6. where will the cats live now???
  7. common bosch installs are to put the 040 intank... Note: this is not my image, just pinched it for illustration purposes... please dont use zip ties, although probably effective you'd be much better going with some pipe clamps...
  8. for the sake of sales i hope it rains Saturday, for the sake of drag days i hope its blue skys and cool air temps...
  9. working down the GC all day
  10. I needed to read that three times and it made my head hurt... damn you Broncos making me go out drinking last night... Todd I reckon these are the best events and im sure you'll get a big crowd again, if im in town ill be there on 2 wheels.
  11. Ask Nismoboy about media attention... He tried good things before, got turned in his face... So then he turned hoon and proved them all right...
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