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  1. Fantastic! And she looks great too! Hey, any chance of a video of the dash working? A few keen beans on insta have asked.
  2. https://www.caradvice.com.au/885440/rare-nissan-r34-skyline-gt-r-fetches-record-sum-at-auction/ Wow. More craziness in the classic Sports car world. What do you think this GTR is worth? If you had the money, what would you pay for it?
  3. This will be a nice build. I love laurels and yours looks tidy! Any more pics?
  4. This looks awesome. Can't wait for updates!
  5. I did check a heap of sources. I'll email my local BMW service and see what they say.
  6. I don't know what to tel you guys, searching Autobarn, Narva, Ecstuning, Turner Motorspot, they all show the same 21w bulb for tail and brake.
  7. All the bulbs in the tail are the same. Checked them today. Can't believe the Germans didn't make a proprietary bulb for each use. Guess they missed a trick.
  8. Is that a thing? I can't imagine that most tail light bulbs would be that much different? I just bought all new bulbs and they are each 21w in the tail lights. 4 of them. Most of the other bulb holes seem ok (but not all)
  9. These are the tail lights from my E90. I have replaced the drivers side one previously so these two light housings come from 2 different cars. What the hell is causing them to melt? The passenger side light lets so much light from the brake into the indicator it looks like its on! I'm assuming a manufacturing defect, but this plastic is super hard. It'd take some crazy temps to melt it.
  10. I've just noticed that the air vents are on the doors and the door cards meet the dash to form that little corner. God that looks fantastic! I love then door cards dont just gpo behind the dash and are actually incorporated in.
  11. I absolutely love it. I love that it is clearly a Z. The profile is so good and that roof line is amazing. The rear 3/4 view is so unmistakably 240Z. I was desperately hoping that it'd be a 2+2 but it doesn't look like it. Power likely to be around 400HP which will make it fun. If this is done right, I can see it obtaining more MX5-esque "drivers car" status and ultimately be a real contender in the small sports category. More info on Car Advice. But yes, big thumbs up from me.
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