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  1. Glad you chose to finally join! Any pics?
  2. Oh man, what a loss. Top bloke, I'm saddened but thankful that I knew him. Any details on funeral, D?
  3. Hey, ! No probs with your sig having YT channel in it. Go for it! 👍
  4. Just found this in the states which looks perfect https://www.ebay.com/itm/UNIVERSAL-LICENSE-PLATE-TAG-HOLDER-MOUNT-ADAPTER-BUMPER-BRACKET-AUTO-CAR-TRUCK-/272911420979 Can't find one in Aus tho.
  5. Hi All, I'm finishing up a respray on a 2nd hand bumper I bought. It has holes where the previous owner had no doubt used self tappers to mount the number plate. I don't want to mount my plate like that, I'd prefer to have some sort of mount or backing that I could semi-permanently attach to the bar and then screw into with the number plate. I've had almost no luck finding anything, what I found was dodgy 1-size-fits-all Chinese options or genuine BMW options for $90. I'm hoping I can whip something DIY up and that somebody on here has done something similar? Thanks, Christian
  6. PranK


    Best answer ever!
  7. PranK


    Funny you write this now D I've been thinking about what to do for the 20 year anniversary!!! 😮 At the risk of sounding emotional, Its people like you and the others in this thread (sans slap) that make it worthwhile. 👍
  8. PranK


    I was thinking GermanAustralia.com
  9. PranK


    Yep. And you should see how much money I make!
  10. PranK


    Is it a big problem catering for both? I haven't had a Skyline for about 10 years but I still line them along with cars from all sorts of manufacturers. 90% of the chat is still very much Skyline specific.
  11. PranK


    It was changed to SAU from Skylines Australia a few years back to cater four both Skyline owners and owners of other cars rather than just Skyline owners.
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