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  1. Welcome @DirtyVL! This sounds like a great project, hopefully you'll start a build thread on here.
  2. PranK


    Welcome! Where are you from?
  3. Welcome @BP101! I'm not sure how many GTR owners will let you drive their car but there are a lot of owners on here who drive kids to formals and couples to weddings, so there should be some owners willing to take you for a drive. You might get more purchase in the QLD section.
  4. Unless you're handy with some bits n pieces from other cars.
  5. Welcome Anthony! I can only imagine that the R33 is not very common where you are?
  6. Welcome back! Damn that picture reminds me so much of my stag! What awesome cars they are. Any plans for it? You could start a build thread for it in the appropriate section.
  7. So, what if we had just general sub forums, like; * Classics * R31 - R34 * V-series * R35 * Other Japanese * Euros And we didn't have any sub forums underneath them ? Also, its going to take a bit of work re-categorising these, having general areas will be helpful there too. We can force the use of tags so people need to pick from wheels, brakes, suspension yadda yadda to make it easier to find content rather than extra categories. Thoughts?
  8. Best off asking in one of the maintenance forums. This is just for introductions.
  9. Bula! We don't hear much from our neighbours on the east side. Rebuild looks comprehensive, any other pics?
  10. I bet there arn't many others around you? Any more pics?
  11. haha, yeah, I can absolutely relate. I caught myself remembering how I used to drive past my house when I was supposed to be going home so I can get another few kay's out of it before bedtime. So, I went for an easy drive along west head road a few months ago and remembered how much I enjoyed just driving. That said, I haven't been since so maybe this weekend
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