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  1. Brilliant outcome! So good to see stuff being repaired and not replaced.
  2. Hey @2_Liter_Turbo I've added temporary edit permissions to your account. Update in here when you're done. Christian
  3. RT @Loud_Lass: These vandals have been running riot for too long. via @Talaolp #auspol

  4. Hi Stan, Did you purchase something on this site or was it a club form? Christian
  5. Looks super clean! Sounds like a great tourer!
  6. Hey @StanP and welcome to ! Your car sounds fantastic! I love the reliability factor. Any pics of it?
  7. AUSTRALIA now has the distinction of having one of the dirtiest fuel standards in the developed world. Amongst signatories to the OECD – an international economic forum of 35 countries – Australia has the worst record on fuel quality. Mexico, once ridiculed as the only developed OECD member with fuel quality that fell lower than Australia’s, has recently introduced a 50 parts per million level of sulphur – used as a measure of how polluting petrol can be – in unleaded fuel. More on
  8. Looks great! Welcome to ! Thats a great car list, reminds me of mine; slow cars, diesel cars/4wd's, fast cars, expensive cars, money sinks, etc etc. I can't help with your requests though, sorry. (Stalling due to BOV maybe?)
  9. Great review thanks. Sorry for resurrection of old thread but am thinking about one for my cx7. It's so God damn thirsty that I need an eco mode.
  10. I’m a little confused. What kind of reviews are these, #CodeKit? They’re not selling me incase you were wondering.

  11. Both. Duh.
  12. Hey @Ray_P358 welcome to ! Any more pics? I love a good Laurel! Lots of people and info on here for you.
  13. Yeah this is a biggie with me. People merging onto the bridge every day overtaking over solid lines. Its easy to get angry at them for f**king up the flow, but I just don't think they know its not a legal move. Haha, then people might think we can't spell 'aus' Yeah, thats the taxi mentality. Because they're working they have access to laws not available to the rest of us. Nice cam btw - What is it?
  14. Yeah, the lack of courtesy gets me. I let people in all the time and the amount of them that don't indicate and don't thank really get to me. We should start an SAU Courteous Drivers campaign! And yes, coming back into Sydney after driving out of the city is a rude awakening. She may have been overtaking. But, across double white lines? My dash cam is ok, but as you can see the quality isn't great. I'm just ready for that person that tries to blame me for going through a red light and caused the accident. It worries the hell out of me.
  15. Oh yes!