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  1. On 12/01/2022 at 7:27 PM, Duncan said:

    fark. That does my head in


    Yep. Eldest gets her license this year. Need to find a big open space to let her let it rip.


    On 12/01/2022 at 8:12 PM, B-Man said:

    Hay Boys. Good to hear everyone is happy and safe. 

    Holy smokes, b-man! Long time! How's things?

  2. On 12/01/2022 at 7:00 PM, Blitz said:

    Believe it it not, I have barely driven it. Bought it earlier this year, it arrived the day before my daughter was born so free time wasn't something I have had a lot of, and then we went into a 5 month lockdown and I wasn't able to get to it.

    I'm happy to keep it warmed up if you want :)

    Congrats on your daughter!!! Is she your first? 

  3. On 12/01/2022 at 6:45 PM, Blitz said:

    I could ask the same of you - Are you a BMW fanboy now? 😏

    I'm an everything fanboy. I seem to want one of every car atm. If only I was a middle eastern prince. :)

    Unfortunately, cars are a little lower on my priorities than they used to be. Just moved house and have a daughter going into fricken year ten and another in year 7. Its all doing my head in.

  4. Yeah I'm absolutely not driving it as well as it could be driven and I was thinking that because I have the turn in so good now, then I need to do something to my own actions through the corner. 

    I'm off the brakes as quickly as I can be, I try to get the car to correct speed before I start turning in but that doesn't always happen. I can pull up really well at the end of the Wakefield main straight and be turning in with foot on accelerator but I'm not as clean at the end of the back straight and this final corner is one of the ones I struggle with grip the most.


  5. Thanks guys!

    It's funny how you can overthink things. I had never considered that my fronts may be too small. The rears are 17x8.5 with 255s and some other e90 owners have seen good results from another pair of rears with 255s on the front. This might be a good option so I'm going to swap fronts and rears for a few days and make sure everything clears.

    I do also think I may have hit the limit of the rs4s but the next step up is a lot more pricey. 

    The front bar is not adjustable so I'll leave that for now.

    Diff is a single spinner unfortunately 🙁

    @bcozican car is an 06 330i. M3 front arms (-1.5 camber), Whiteline front and rear bars, Whiteline rear subframe inserts (seem to really only add nvh), Bilstein shocks and eibach Springs. 


  6. Hi guys,

    Had another Wakefield day a few weeks ago, I've done a little bit of suspension work and managed to pick up 2.9s which was great!

    But! Although my turn in is now really good my mid corner grip stinks with heavy understeer and really is the weakness in the car. Corner exit speed is much lower than I'd like and I'm struggling to get enough drive out which is important considering my car really is not fast.

    I've been told a few theories for this: 

    My wheels are staggered. 245 rear and 225 front. 

    Next suggestion is because the rear had 15mm spacers and front none, so the track wasn't square.

    Is this likely to cause much mid corner upset? Surely I'd be feeling this on corner entry also?

    My personal feel is that the Hankook rs4s are at their limit and I may need to start alternating hot and cold laps.

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