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  1. hey mate i need the exterior drivers side pillar cover if you've got it. cheers.
  2. hey mate interested in the small piece of plastic between the drivers window and rear window, i think its called a pillar cover.
  3. hey mate interested in the small piece of plastic between the drivers window and rear window, i think its called a pillar cover.
  4. hey mate interested in the small piece of plastic between the drivers window and rear window, i think its called a pillar cover.
  5. hey all, for the second time in a few days my car has broken down, same problem i think. the first time i was in 2nd gear at around 5-6k rpm when all of a sudden the car went poooff, lost power, engine stalled. when i tried starting it up again it wouldnt idle and continually stalled. took it to the mechanic who said it was the clamp for the intercooler which had failed. this fixed the problem for a few hours until the exact same thing happened again. this time 2nd gear around 4k rpm. while it may be easy to say its the clamp again i cant help but think there is something else going wrong to cause this to happen. has this happened to anyone else and is this a regular occurrence? any input would be much appreciated, my long weekend is now toast! cars mods are: gcg high flow exhaust hks ebc and apexi pfc r34 smic pod and bov.
  6. 97 r33 gts't apexi power fc & hks evc gcg high flow turbo 3" turbo back exhaust r34 smic pod & bov boost set @ 12psi =222.5rwkw tuned at envy imports at brookvale. great customer service and awesome tune. thanks guys.
  7. i'm getting my power fc tuned at envy imports tomorrow, looking forward to the results.
  8. i just installed a 3" dump pipe and cat to go with the rest of my 3" exhaust using the standard ecu. car feels a tonne smoother throughout the whole rev range and air filter is heaps noisier below 3000rpm because of the increased flow and the turbo being able to spool up sooner. you should definitely not be feeling sluggish. not sure about diagnostic though.
  9. hey, im on the market for a cat back for my s2 r33 gts-t. no smaller than 3" and preferably a brand name but i'll have a look at anything. any help would be much appreciated. thanks Angus
  10. thanks guys its making a lot more sense now. just filled up so hopefully a few changes to my driving style will get some more k's. just got 350km from the last tank with about 2l left to go.
  11. hey guys bit of a noob question but hopefully you can help me out. if the throttle is open because you've put your foot down but the rev's are still low and you're off boost do you still consume alot of fuel. for example you're in 5th gear doing 60km/h at 1500rpm trying to save fuel, if you give it some gas to to maintain speed (so the throttle opens right up) and keep up with traffic will you consume more fuel than being in 4th gear at 2000rpm having more response and less throttle. sorry if a few things are out of place and not explained 100% but hopefully you get what i'm trying to say and can help me out. cheers
  12. since you have all the parts plus an aftermarket manifold for a single turbo it would make sense to go that route, however, i didn't see a gearbox in your list of goodies... if u can afford jun engine accessories, even if it was a special deal, u can afford to spend the money on an HKS turbo(s). also assuming this car will be taken to the track; professional drivers run out of balls whilst driving the mines r34 (2530's) before the car runs out of power and although your not building a race car, anything that revs out to 10,000 rpm could hardly be called a street car. best of luck with the build whatever route you take.
  13. in conclusion, they aren't that bad for your turbo as evidenced by the many workshops that do it to their cars, however, no skyline enthusiast with half a brain would do this to their car for fear of being mistaken for one of the stereotypical losers that actually do do this to their cars to make them sound 'fully sick' as that is purely not what driving a skyline is about. my 2c
  14. what does your skyline look like and number plates if possible, im in the area and want to know what to look out for. P.S there is a tonne of speed and red light cameras all over the place so keep an eye put for them
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