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  1. Hey guys, Looking for a reputable work shop I can take my car to get some work done for a all round wheel alignment and suspension work. Searched through to see that traction tyre center in rowville is pretty popular on the forum. Previously had work done at centreline suspension, have no complaints at all but there a bit far, trying to stay in the south/east this time. Recommendations? Cheers
  2. Thanks for the responses. If I did pick up a car I would get it RACV checked, would they be the right company to go through for inspecting skylines in your opinions?. How did you guys go about checking the cars you bought? Anywhere in specific, workshops as such you could recommend for a all round inspection? Cheers.
  3. How long ago did you buy your car from power rd? I like the fact they have stock on the yard to see first hand. Haven't driven past ssv for a while but they never seem to have a lot of stock unless they have a area in the back? Anyone else who has recently dealt with power road or heard anyone else dealing with them.. ? Cheers.
  4. Firstly, I know this thread has been covered in the past.. I've been reading through opinions, mostly good but I wanted to know as for these days what people think of this import dealer, and others such as ssv imports ect.. . For anyone who has recently dealt with power road car sales I want to ask how you found it, either to buy a car or just to have a look around. General opinion of the business today. Cheers.
  5. anyone out there know any good bike forums? more so for sports bikes and if possible in vic. cheers.
  6. Nth

    R32 Gts-t

    bump - must be white and 1992-1993
  7. Nth

    R32 Gts-t

    Prefer white and must be 1992 - 1993 in vic
  8. got more pics of the whole car subie?
  9. Nth

    R32 Gts-t

    must be 1992 or 1993 because of power to weight laws.....
  10. Nth

    R32 Gts-t

    nice car mate but not what im after, would prefer factory colour's like gun metal or white.
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