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  1. The owner needs it gone as he needs a work ute. Price drop to $20500
  2. Just adding the dyno read out. Justin.pdf
  3. Hi all, Up for sale is my old R33, I have put it on here on behalf of the current owner, who has owned it for the past two years. He is selling it due to the lack of use as it just sits in the garage. Its to good to be kept away. Its advertised on carsales so check out the specs there if interested. Looking for around the $25000 mark. 450+Rwhp on 18 psi It made 500Rwhp on 22psi Location is Brisbane Leave message or Pm
  4. Normally if it is a plug issue it will be around the 3500 - 4000rpm mark, it will start sounding like a WRX. If that is the case BKR6E which is a v-power plug or like the one mentioned by Revhead the BCPR6ES will do the job.
  5. Does anyone have tonights oz lotto numbers for the $90 million.
  6. subzeroR33

    Qld Suck!

    There was this Guy he was beaten at work, he was beaten at home by his wife, he was beaten when he went out. He didnt know what to do. So he went to the N.S.W. orign camp he was very safe there, because N.S.W. won't beat anyone. QUEENSLANDER!!!
  7. I have a mate who is looking to rent out a couple of rooms at there house in Deception bay, modern house near the water. Own bathroom, foxtel, front and back decks with water views. $160 a week. You pretty much get the top floor to urself.
  8. That black GTR looks tired mate you can tell by the interior, its just got that freshly imported look to it and ive been a bush basher all my life in Japan. There is definately better out there. With some good mods and rebuilt motors.
  9. I have $20000. Any half price sales happening.
  10. Mate there are plenty of 32GTR's for sale on carsales.com for under $18000 and they look pretty clean .
  11. Another vote for Dan at Elite, he has helped me out of the poo before.
  12. subzeroR33

    New Fuel Pump

    Elite racing, cheapest around.
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