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  1. +1 for Adaptronic. I have a 440 Select wired in to my Mazda MX6 running flex fuel with the Zeitronix sensor. Only thing I would like to see added is a wastegate duty cycle vs. ethanol content table. I can only run 16-17psi on 98 as I have a 10:1 compression motor but on E85 I run 20-22psi. Im turning the boost down manually via switch for now but it would be good if it did it automatically. Also their email support is great, even on the weekend I get replies within a couple of hours.
  2. I have a set of Buddy Club P1's for sale. All four are - 17x8 +32 5x114.3 Bought for my evo but dont clear the brakes. They have a few marks around the edges that have been touched up. $900 ONO, Can ship interstate at buyers cost. Just ask for a shipping quote. Located in Rowville, Victoria.
  3. jesiotrot

    Spotted Thread

    Thanks Lachlan, i've been eyeing off your 34 for a while too! Looks good with the wheels.
  4. jesiotrot

    Spotted Thread

    Some guy with a white R34 parked in Karoo primary school carpark was waving at me this afternoon as I drove past in my evo, I think i've seen your car parked on the side of the road there with Advan RS wheels.
  5. I am after a pair of 17x8 +35 GT-C's in gold to complete a set. I am in Melbourne but can arrange pick up from anywhere in Aus. Thanks Jesse - 0409178338
  6. For stainless stuff - http://www.geordi.com.au/ For aluminium - http://www.jntperformance.com.au/
  7. I have for sale a full set of brand new in the box Advan RS 'GTR face' in gold. All 4 wheels are 18x10. Offset is +15. Have never had tyres fitted to them. Price - $3200 Happy to ship interstate with tracking numbers. Or pickup from Melbourne eastern suburbs. PM or email jesse.bentley@bigpond.com
  8. Brand new unused Tial 38mm wastegate. 14psi spring. Located in Melbourne eastern suburbs, can post anywhere for $10. PM or phone/sms 0409178338
  9. Can you give a quick outline of the issues the car is having? What its doing, when, and what the workshop was doing to the car prior to the problems. I know someone that may be willing to help, an expert backyard sparkie that has done some insanely complicated wiring conversions/motor/chassis swaps.
  10. Give David at DMD Tuning a call - 0438 804 282
  11. vs commodore bulletproof cheap space and can sometimes be found in manual!
  12. I have for sale - 2 x R33 GTR Brembo calipers with pads ,unsure of brand of pads but they are blue and have plenty of meat. 2 x Standard type rotors in good condition which have been preserved in oil & clingwrap to prevent rust. The centre hubs have also been painted black. Taken from an R33 GTR in perfect working order, just wanting a bigger brake upgrade. Pickup preferred or can post anywhere in Aus for about $100. $1600, or feel free to make an offer. PM or call/sms 0413051776. Thanks.
  13. No there is not, catch public transport.
  14. What happens when you blend Ethanol with 110 octane unleaded?
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