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    cars, bikes, jets, drawing, graphic design, ahhh.. heaps. just check www.myspace.com/rcegrl www.facebook.com/rcegrl

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  1. I was there in oct last year... had a absolute ball... Tokyo - It's pretty overwhelming at first, just try and fully immerse yourself in the culture of it.. I regret not doing that, the girl I went with was too scared do so and buggered up that part of the trip. If you get the chance go to Kyoto there are soooo many beautiful temples there and maybe try and take a day trip to Nara, where the biggest wooden temple in the world is and HEAP of cute little deers who will turn nasty and ear your clothes once you run out of biscuits to give them. Golden Pavillion is a must see. And you might spot a few geishas down the back streets of Kyoto if your lucky. There were plenty of other "ladies of the night" there done up to the max to entertain the business men. I hardly saw any modified cars around, I got excited every time I did see a skyline. If you go to Harajuku make sure you go on the weekends. Thats when all the Harajuku girls are out. I didn't find the Japanese racist at all. Some got a little irritated trying to explain things to me because I couldn't understand but in general I found them most accommodating and patient. it pays to know a few Japanese words, especially "thank you" and "excuse me". I think I used those the most. Otherwise just go with no expectations and it will totally blow your mind! and the girls over there are STUNNING and so fashionable. Have a awesome time!
  2. Was a awesome day! I had a great time meeting people and just "relaxing" in general. I will get some pics up soon, just have to blur out the plates.
  3. Depends how temperamental it is... Otherwise you could always look between its two rear wheels..
  4. Wicked! I'll be there... fresh paint does wonders! Is there any categories for best CHICKS skyline.. lol
  5. What he said. Except I start at 8:30. 6 Years later, I'm still stuck in the same shitty job. It's boring as hell but I get the run of the place because my boss isn't here half of the time. I'm planning to quit next year and start my own business.
  6. yeah I know. I was absolutely buggered. I doubt I would've made it home safe if I didn't leave when I did. Guess I'm just getting weak in my old age. ;P
  7. Thanks guys, had a good time. First cruise i've been on in a long time. Will defiantly come to a lot more. -Kat.
  8. Ricey

    New Spray Job

    Yeah thats the guy... you're on the ball... I got it done at Spot On Panels in ringwood... Insurance covered about $1800 of it.. The guy said he would do it for 3k all up.. so I put in $1200 cash. It wasn't fully rubbed back but they fixed up all the shitty little dints and my front and rear bars. The only complaint I have was being screwed around on completion dates etc... but thats normal for the car industry.
  9. Ricey

    New Spray Job

    Yeah I got it about 3-4 years ago... I wouldn't say he was "curry" yeah had darker skin.. nice guy. He didn't really want to let it go at the time but had to for financial reasons...
  10. Ricey

    New Spray Job

    Hello! I thought I would post up a few pics of my new spray job... Just picked it up last night and i'm very happy with the result. They've taken off all the badges and I think it looks sweet. Having someone reverse into me was a good thing after all! Now I just have to chase down a new front lip. All I need now is a sunny day to take some better photos -Kat
  11. I'll be there to finally join up as a paid member!
  12. Ricey

    Spotted Thread

    Spotted D3ADLY or something gunmetal 32 GTR... nice ride chick... I was in RCEGRL.. my bf was driving cause I had one too many drinks over dinner
  13. Ricey

    Spotted Thread

    Saw CNVICT or something similar on a white 33 last night in st kilda
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