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  1. On the eBay links shared by Lith it mentions 'Delivery: Estimated by 20 September' so guessing they will become available around that time, or a day or 2 earlier perhaps. Maybe?
  2. GReddy/GRex brake system replacements Hi All, Needing new brake pads and possibly even brake discs for my car. I have a set of GReddy 6 pot Calipers with 355mmx32 brakes on the front, and GRex 4 pot 330mmx26 brakes on the rear on my R34 GT-R. These are NOT the alcon branded brakes, they are the ones seen here: Fronts: https://www.nengun.com/greddy/6pot-brake-system Rear: https://www.nengun.com/grex/brake-system These kits and any replacement GReddy branded replacement discs and pads etc. are no longer in production. I am wondering anyone else that runs this brake setup has replaced their brake pads with non-GReddy parts and if so, what fits? Also, if anyone has had to replace their discs what fits, or did you have to get them custom made? I have searched the interwebs and have found very little information regarding these brakes. Some say they are made by Rotora in the US (at least for USDM GReddy). Other posts have mentioned that the front disc is a copy of the 355 x 32 Brembo rotor so the Brembo is a straight fit. Calipers may be a copy of or even made by AP Racing... So hopefully someone out there has been through replacing these parts and knows 100% what will or won't fit. Thanks, Paul
  3. Hi Adam, I would think it's at the Public School there. We normally park up around there on previous cruises. Just opposite the Caltex. Cheers.
  4. Registering my intent to join this cruise, as requested by Terry ;-) Will go direct to the Albion Park meet point.
  5. I believe there is United E85 at Cessnock. So I am planning on filling up there so I can make it back home again after the cruise.
  6. Camp Quality sounds like a big event. Can't get URL link or uploading files to work from my work PC for some reason... but to paraphrase, last years event had 780 Trucks and 900 Motorbikes attend. Convoy with Police Escort etc. all arriving in Albion Park... Might need to change the route as suggested?
  7. In for this.... providing the car is all better.
  8. In please Terry I probably should check the website more often...
  9. His accelerator pedal must not be an on/off switch like yours eh Mat?
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