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  1. hi guys just wanting to know I'm after a gtr and my budget is 100k what's the chances of getting a 2011??? Also 2010 model gtr are they launch control approved ??
  2. Pwnd dude I don't know what your smoking but keep your comments to yourself. I have had many people private message and ask for photos and more details about the build I have had people ask for swaps and so on. It's a great working street package that puts a lot of other gtr's to shame and I believe the only person that needs to know the exact specs and combo is the person that's going to buy it. The car has been built by rajab racing and there is nothing to hide....
  3. Sorry eat me not interested in selling the spats.
  4. More photo's to come
  5. It's not about being lazy someone that is really interested would contact me to discuss more in depth about the car or just post a question and I am more than happy to answer. Also I really do not know how to upload pics
  6. Guys I'm also willing to take trades on hsv's or fpv's...
  7. Pictures i cant upload send me your email.price 32k and i live in melbourne
  8. Hi guys, I think it's time to sell my midnight purple gtr but I would like to see what I get offered and what you guys think. So i will give a very brief run down of the car and what it's got. The car is standard in appearance and runs semi slicks on the standard gtr rims, the engine was built about a year ago and was fitted with forged pistons and rods in the process it also had head studs and main studs fitted along side with hks cams and 6 boost extractors with -5 Garrett turbos fitted. To run the power plant a motec m800 was fitted. There isn't a dollar to spend, sump, catch can, surge tank ,clutch etc has all been done . When the car was tuned I only wanted pump 98 and after a workout it produced 400+ kw at the wheels. Thank guys. Let the fun begin!!
  9. Yeah i have buddy thanks anyway.
  10. Thanks Matty, i have already changed the g sensor but it has not helped. Monday its in to my mechanic. 440kw and i cant use it feel like burning the car.
  11. Hi all, I recently just fitted my new engine in i had no problem's with abs or 4wd lights coming on. I have done about 5000km and now i have my abs light and 4wd light come on at the same time while im driving but its random. At times i can drive it for 10-15 km and it will not come on and then randomly it will appear. But sometimes i can start the car and it will appear as soon as i come out of my driveway. When the lights appear i can pull over turn the car off and on the light will disappear and it might not come on for another 10-15 km or it might come back on as soon as i start moving again. The car is a 1995 GTR r33 VSPEC it also runs motec if that can have some sought of play init????
  12. Hi guys, just after some plates for r33 gtr?