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  1. Turbos SOLD ECU SOLD wiring loom still available make me an offer. Chris.
  2. Cleaning out the shed, few things to go to good homes. Pickup Greenbank or ship to Aus.. pricing below. Chris 0422 933 217 HKS GT-SS Turbos Equivalent to Garrett 2860-9, good for ~300kw with good response. 713255-93 tagged on the cores. Good condition, minimal shaft play, come as pictured. $1500 pickup or ship for another $65 w/insurance. GTR Engine Harness from R32 Complete but has a broken ECU plug $50 pickup or ship for $10 GTR Stock ECU R32 Works fine $50 pickup or ship for $10
  3. go cut up a star picket or something thinner, try welding on that first.. at least you know it'll be unplated mild steel at school we used to weld on 8-10mm plate and it definitely flowed pretty well so i'd question the material you're welding on
  4. Guys, i'm looking for just the crotch strap for a takata harness.. or a reasonably priced 5-point harness (to mount to harness bar) Let me know what's out there.. needed fairly urgently thanks, Chris 0422 933 217
  5. Door cards/then powdercoated: Custom fixed seatrails - raw ally:
  6. EVO Cam covers shaved, -10 fittings, powdercoat, custom alloy coilpack cover w/custom ID plate:
  7. EVO 3-point Strut braces, manifold heatshield:
  8. hi guys, I've already posted a few things we've made in the past, i'll try just keep it to one thread now.. here's what i've put together recently that just got back from the powdercoater.. Rear wing: Strut brace, power steering reservoir, catch can: Will update thread as we make more
  9. only 3 weeks until the july 7 ruzic test day!! is it ready to put back together now, aside from engine?
  10. i dropped my oil into a bucket through a strainer, told me right away if it was bearing failure, which it was. looked like someone had chucked stripper glitter into my oil filler.
  11. Removing and fitting larger valve seats to fit oversize valves
  12. exhaust ports before/after intake ports before/after
  13. mark can i post up Will's work on the head porting? got a couple of pics..
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