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  1. yes that is right i have an 85 z31 but in all my searches i find that my diff is single legger. there for being a r180 long nose i may be wrong in what i'm saying.
  2. hey all i have a r180 diff in my car. is it possable to fit the r200 centre into the r180? any help would be great thanks
  3. or you can get this sump and pick up from usa . i got mine from www.nismoparts.com cost me about $350
  4. I know that nissan z31 300zx came out with 15''.
  5. ok guy i need some inforamtion last night a mate gave me a kaaz 2 way. but what the guys where putting it in they bend one of the clutches. now i need to know can you buy the clutches by them self or are they a full unit. next where do you recommend i get these from cheers guys
  6. ok i'm trying to find out what car's come out with the r200 long nose? if possable what gears? the gears are not so important thanks for your help chris
  7. i have been watch this topic very closely. i can't wait to it up and running i want one for sure.
  8. old300zx


    i trying to find 200zr engine mounts these fit a rb20det and the z31 300zx cheers chris
  9. i am in the process of doing a rb20det swap into my z31 300zx you will need to change the sump oil pick up mounts and cross members very hard to find if your after a running vg30e out of the 300zx z31 i have one just throw a ctn of beer my way and it's yours
  10. i tryed to get this info 3 days a go as i was looking at buying one
  11. has any one used a Greddy EMANAGE ? is it any good ? would you use them again ? thanks for your help
  12. ok i'm putting a rb20det in my z31 300zx now i'm not sure what computer to run any help would be great a i still have to standed computer and loom thanks heaps guys
  13. If you see a suspect avatar, report it i'm not trying to make waves here but my 7 year old just asked me what that man is doing R31Nismoid i just lied to her and said he had a itch i SHOULD NOT have to lie to my child on a car site
  14. well i have taken the numbers from the bellhousing and they are the same as d1nz You take everything with a pinch of salt and make your own conclusion. this is true but it always helps if a few ppl are talking the same
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