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  1. I have/had one that was in perfect working order prior to removal. I only replaced it with a new item as I upgraded to Brembo's all round. I'll see if I can find it for you.
  2. Sounds like your alternator is stuffed. The regulator in your alternator is overcharging >16v (dash lights getting brighter ) and undercharging <12V causing all your electronics to play up. By disconnecting the amp and the Hicas ecu, you're effectively lowering the load (electrical output) on the alternator. You probably blew a few fuses in the meantime. I'd be getting the battery tested and your wiring (to the amp) checked. The noise coming from the amp sounds like electrical inteference. It is stalling because the alternator can't keep up the voltage supply after you jump start it. You'll need a new alternator, or have an autoelec rebuild it. Best to fit a new battery while your at it. And check all your fuses and fusable links. Good luck.
  3. Rag left in the inlet manifold choking cylinder #3 is my bet
  4. A minor, yet not insignificant update. I sold my early model hand controller for the Power FC and bought a new EL hand controller for next to no difference. It was nice to do something for the car. Hopefully this will be the impetus required to get the ball rolling again
  5. I've been wanting to do a 6258 on a stock manifold for a responsive setup for a while now. Maybe I should just bite the bullet...
  6. Geoff did say in the EFR thread, that they can weld a T3 fitting in house prior to ceramic coating and shipping if need be. That is on a T25 fitted 6258/6758. You'd have to purchace through FullRace though.
  7. You're correct. Green is the oil feed and red is the oil return.
  8. Am I missing something, why are they so cheap, left overs from WTAC?
  9. I have a Midori Seibi Hicas lock kit to suit R32 if you're interested? I bought them brand new and they were only fitted for
  10. The 'white' car is still 'white'. It has been sitting idle for months now. The GT-R guards are still sitting on the front, but I underestimated how much they flare out around the side skirt mounting. There's no way you could run Type-M side skirts and have it look half decent. I have brand new (in box) GT-R Bee-R sideskirts for it, but they will be the same around the rear mounting. I think I'm going to have to go back to finding/running standard panels and just lip/roll the fark out of them.
  11. If it's running Redline lightweight shockproof gear oil, which the colour would suggest, you might want to look at extending the gearbox breather hose as their 'new' formula, tends to foam up and travel up the breather.
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