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  1. em_janeR32

    I'd be keen for this and I'm pretty sure the bf would be too. I live in the west and he's in the shire so location isn't really a problem lol
  2. Really wish you were in Sydney....having difficulty finding a clean black jdm spec r
  3. em_janeR32

  4. em_janeR32

    sorry the above post is mine....was accidentally logged in as someone else...my bad
  5. em_janeR32

    here are the engine bay pics
  6. em_janeR32

    haven't got any as yet....will take some tomorrow in the daylight
  7. em_janeR32

    Some new pics
  8. em_janeR32

    Am going on holidays so if anyone is interested contact number outlined in first post plz
  9. em_janeR32

    Will sell for a cheaper price without the driftek rims
  10. em_janeR32

    feel free for a road trip.....jokes
  11. em_janeR32

    you may purchase it....lol
  12. em_janeR32

    if only i could ride...lol. sorry mate, after a stock s15
  13. Clean white 1993 R32 GTS-T Nissan Skyline for Sale rb20det Extremely tidy and well looked after 32, rare to find such good condition. Kilometres: 153 XXX Features: *Driftek rims 17 x 8 front (fairly new tyres 80% tread, 17 x 9 rear (brand new tyres) *Tein coilovers *Greedy turbo timer *JJR front adjustable castor rods *GTR bodykit, fujitsubo 3" exhaust *hicas lock bar *new brakes less than 10 000kms old *dished steering wheel *brand new redline schock proof gear box oil just put in *sunroof *aircon regassed end of summer *power windows/side mirrors *tinted windows *CD player *alarm/immobilisor *interior in excellent condition Rego: Jan 2010 Price: $12 500 neg. Contact: Brenton 0421 962 603 Location: Sydney Reason for sale: Owned an s15 before and looking to get back into one.
  14. em_janeR32

    thats my cousins car....the plates were on it when she bought it...she hasn't bothered changin em.
  15. em_janeR32

    dammit.....lol its funny coz there are more photos of me spinning off than staying on