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  1. I wouldve but people seem to just not bother even considering it after they read it. Got disclosed when serious buyers were interested.
  2. What's suss? it's not exactly an uncommon thing for someone to have borrowed money to buy a car? Revs results are on here for anyone to see and it's not hard for anyone to look for themselves either
  3. Car is no longer available, thanks for the interest guys Admins please close thread
  4. Thanks for the offer but not after swaps sorry mate
  5. LMGT1 Wheels Sold, price dropped to $21,500ono
  6. Hi Terry, I'd be happy to part with the LMGT1's seperately, they're 18x9.5 +14. I've attached a pic to show condition, slight rash on one wheel visable in pic, have 70% tread potenza's on them currently
  7. If you put the Vin into FAST it says 1996, so do the plates on the car, just to let you know buddy
  8. Due to an unstable work environment I'm having to cover my bases 1996 R33 GTR 116,XXXkms 189awkw @ 12.5psi Fujitsubo Legalis R catback exhaust Do-Luck ATTESA controller Cusco Swaybars Series 3 xenon headlights Nismo Clear indicator set Project Mu HC+ pads w/RDA slotted rotors SuperStreet Coilovers with EDFC Apexi Power FC (not installed) Nismo LMGT1 wheels (as well as stock) with Potenza's 26DETT plates will come with car Near complete receipt history of car Very well maintained car Bought off SAU member Godspeed aka Matt Looking for $23,000 ono
  9. what's the diameter of the turbo and cat end of the front pipe?
  10. My car is 22mm Front and 26.5mm rear standard, used a measuring tape and got the circumfrence and did the math. I'm assuming they're quite a thin hollow design. I dont think anyone wants to saw their cusco in half to measure the thickness, the jap site isnt very clear on thickness
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