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  1. First wet night race, should make for an interesting... Wow, did anyone see the start????
  2. Well if RoadHouse = Remsa, it looks like I got what I paid for so gotta be happy with that, still would of been nice to be notified prior to purchasing that they were out of stock of the Remsas and Brand replacement will occur. I'll be putting these in anyway but would love to hear if someone has used RoadHouse branded brakes in the skyline. Part numbers: 0234802 and 0236502. The letter from the supplier also says "The RoadHouse part numbers are exactly the same, save for the '2' at the beginning" Going by all the reveiws on here i see that they are dusty but also a street pad rated to 650 C, so a little higher than Bendix Ultimates / Intima SS / etc.
  3. Has anyone heard of RoadHouse brake pads before, or better yet has anyone actually used them? I decided i'd try some Remsa pads so ordered some through a reputable trader. I was very disapointed to see these RoadHouse pads had been delivered instead. They came with a letter stating; "In Europe, Remsa pads are sold under the RoadHouse brand... In Australia RoadHouse pads are supplied if there is no stock of the Remsa pad at the time." I can't find much about the RoadHouse pads on the interwebs, so hoping someone has experience with them. Considering sending these back and ordering some Intima / QFM pads from one of the forum sponsers instead.
  4. Condition of steering wheel? Where are you located?
  5. I've only read the first post and already know this is going to be good
  6. Got any pics of the boost gauge? The link you posted links to the nistune
  7. Stao, do you think it's only the core that's the problem or does the return flow piping also play a part in the pressure drop? Do you think replacing the core in a return flow system would alleviate the problem?
  8. It's a shame about the broken piece, why are you taking them off your car - assuming that's you car in the photos? I'll be willing to pay 100 + postage to Melbourne to take them off your hands.
  9. SOLD. I'll send you a PM
  10. So time has come to change my oil once again. In the last couple pages of this thread there has been talk of using a flushing oil when servicing and adding engine treatment to the fresh oil. Just curious as to the pros and cons and the reasoning behind such techniques? I regularly use Motul xcess 8100 5w-40.
  11. I've been wanting to paint my brake calipers for a while now. For standard brakes I've always liked red calipers with the white nissan text across the front of them but considering my car is red, I was thinking that Yellow or Gold might look good or maybe even Black. Does any one have decent pictures or care to share some thoughts on the colour combinations stated above? Even other colours not mentioned for that matter, I would love to see/hear them. Cheers.
  12. Nice results josh.. Now all we need is to see phatlavish's results when he gets his ss1pu installed for a direct comparison of the latest ss1pu vs the latest ss2
  13. Get a spare amp and test it. If you don't have one find someone who does or ask where you got it installed if they can hook it up to a spare amp to see if it will fix it. Hope it wasn't the rain, don't it happening again
  14. Can i still place an order? I thought this was closing on the 19th. If possible, i'd like: A set of cf wind deflectors for r34 gtt. R34 gtt cf radiator guide. PM payment details if this is ok.
  15. ^^ good question and great tutorial, but I would also like to know this. If replacing the standard gtt fuel pump with a gtr one, would one still have to rewire it or will it be fine to 'swap n go'? And same with the tomie / bosche pumps any detremental effects from not doing this mod?