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  1. What prices have people been quoted for a good metallic-silver spray cost (including prep) for an R33?
  2. Courtesy Light Extenders - $20 each plus shipping (or pickup from Cheltenham, VIC). Ph: 0422575485 or 9584 2386 Description of item (comes with instructions and circuit diagram): The Courtesy Light Extender is designed to keep the courtesy light ON for between 1-15 seconds (can be adjusted) after the door has closed. The light then gradually dims, and finally goes out. The only cars that you would see this on are, expensive cars that accommodate luxury options. So this courtesy light extender unit is a very affordable and easy addition that will allow you to bring this options to your own vehicle. When entering the car, the courtesy light will give you enough time to put your keys in the ignition, fasten your seatbelt, check the kids and put your mobile in the holder. When your getting out of the car it will let you lock your car and find your way out of the garage in the dark. Some circuits keep the light on for a pre-determined time then turn it off quickly but this unit gradually dims the light at the end of the 15 seconds so you know when the time has expired. The Courtesy Light Extender is placed across the door switch, interior light or the interior fuse. It is quick and easy to install. The wire to the door-switch is easily accessible, either through one of the panels on the door or where it connects to the interior light itself. The unit is small enough to feed through the hole of the temporarily removed door switch. this will allow you to install the unit in the chassis behind the switch. If the Light Extender has been connected across the interior light itself then it will work for all of the doors on the car. If the Light Extender has been placed on only one door switch, say the driver's door, then it will only work when that door is closed. The two Contact Connectors included will allow you to connect the leads from the light extender module to the existing car wiring without the need for cutting, stripping, slicing or soldering the original car wiring loom. This will allow you to uninstall the unit as easily as it was installed. The connection of this circuit will not change or modify the original face-value of the car, because you are adding the unit in parallel with the door switch and not cutting any wires or modifying the original state of the car. This unit cannot damage, in anyway, the circuit containing your battery, the door switch, the interior light globe or any of its components.
  3. Considering you can currently import a similar car for $18-19k..
  4. Hahaha check out the other shit on that site, its mad.. jetpack and afterburners
  5. hahaha fair effort you'd be shitting yourself going 290km/hr and being that close to the ground though
  6. pics to chokolatemousse@hotmail.com
  7. yeah they are from Jaycar, at wholesale price.
  8. I can probably source them for about $300 each if anyone is interested, situated in Melb area
  9. Can the cops make you get your car dyno'd?
  10. Lol love the edit... Hehe you reckon thieves monitor the SAU forums to find cars to steal??
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