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  1. How does Sunday 11th March sound? I'm keen for a cruise; i haven't been for one in years.
  2. My car is nearly dead so i need a new car. When do you need all the money cause i might hit my brother up for some? Let me know and we will go from there. Thanks, Mark
  3. Nick, SteveL telling me that he needs more proof that the first pic is of J-Spec cars and me posting more pictures to support my claim doesn’t constitute an argument. The forum police are a bit toey today?
  4. The above pics look very very similar to the j-spec one in this link Furthermore, I bought this car so I know. take a look at this site this site. Convinced yet?
  5. -----Original Message----- From: Craig Moor [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Thursday, 7 October 2004 2:10 PM To: Mark Hayden, Testing Analyst, ECD, Infomedia Ltd. Subject: RE: Payment details please ID 0703 Bad news - we got another answer from the yard holding the car and they will not let anyone in there, not even the owner - it is a customs controlled area and security is tight. The only thing we could do is move the car elsewhere for inspection and then back to the holding yard again, this might cost around 25,000 yen so it might not be worthwhile? We will ask again later on when it's closer to the time but I don't fancy our chances now that we have been told this.
  6. I've got pics of where J-Spec holds their cars while waiting for them to reach their 15th birthday. I was told it was a high security area and only customs officials could enter. bolocks. Try a rice field with chooks running around
  7. you can get the broker to get his mechanic to look at the car you'd like to buy but first you have to hand over some cash - something like $500. With this you get a report and photos.
  8. His car would have been checked over by the guy in Japan and pictures sent. It is the fault of the guy checking the cars in Japan if he missed obvious problems.
  9. I tried to hide from camera so probably not. I was there when it was revealed as part of the gathering at the back of the house. Rebecca went with them. She lives across the road from us. I trained with her husband a couple of years ago for premier league. The guy that does the landscaping also lives a stones throw away from my parent's place.
  10. Is that book by McKnights? A guy here at work bought it and its doing the rounds at work.
  11. I've added some pics to the story. My old room that also got done-up is locked so I cant take any pics of it.
  12. Thanks Ben, Nick & Carlo. you've been to my place Nick, you may recognise the structural differences - they built a wall where previously there was none, and they relocated the back door and windows. I'll post up some pics tommorow arvo after work.
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