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  1. Basti

    Spotted Thread

    Tbf I have always been hard to see
  2. Basti

    Spotted Thread

    Man it's been a lifetime since I saw a sauvic sticker in the wild. Spotto in Croydon
  3. Gonna get red mudflaps for an easy 20 unsprung hp per tyre
  4. 3.6l flat six is good for now. The US boys do a supercharger kit for it though. And there's a bloke that does live tuning over wifi in the Bahamas lol. Meanwhile I'm just gonna rice the f**k out of it.
  5. Keysborough man. I bought Subie Outback. Is nice. But only quick in comparison to my old corolla.
  6. cheers still in the same part of town. the 33 is a faint memory sadly. but i did upgrade my shopping trolley/dadwagon game recently hence the hunt for a detailer. Dealer detail my ass. infact my ass might have done a better job
  7. Scarnon mafkrs. Been a while. Anyone know a decent detailer in se burbs?
  8. Paul had a baby? Grats brah!
  9. chimney sweep? u wot guv'nor?
  10. Basti

    Greetings Again!

    matt has kids? man that is a tripper. time f**king flies
  11. Who owns J4CKT? Parked at Dohertys Dandenong atm. Hello
  12. Sorry it was late and I should have been a clearer. I was asking for an opinion on the exercise. I've never seen anyone do it before but I googled and realise it's a thing that some do. As far as I'm concerned, the gym is a public place. I've never done it before but I've no qualms about recording something I found interesting /funny when it's legally allowed (obviously). Now to read the rest of the responses Edit: no I didn't approach him, he seemed to be in the zone per se.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151927105801175&l=2255458678512597165 thoughts?
  14. Evening friends. hope you are all well
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