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  1. True that, inspecting it on friday and its still a tidy example of a 370 so ill see how it goes. Thanks again Randy
  2. It has factory 19's on it, and seller says it's a type s but I agree with you mate, dosent look like it is. I'm guessing no LSD as well
  3. Thanks Randy, So do you know what the model is telling me?
  4. Hey guys, been a while. Can someone check this for me. Seller say it's a type s but I'm not sure 6U9000CKV36850171 thanks
  5. Yeah thanks Pete and jenna for another great track day. Best 8 laps I ever had
  6. They work a treat mate, you will be happy.
  7. Yeh sorry ill switch my brain back on now GPS not 3G, dunno what I was thinking there
  8. Smartass! I could always blame the boys who put the fluid float switch in lol
  9. Good upgrade, have had them on mine for over a year now, I was one of the lucky ones who didn't have to shave the 4mm from the the caliper. But you will have to butcher the dust/heat sheild thingy.
  10. 99! Pffft. That's nothing sarge (I AM joking dude) Mine was hitting the 120+ mark, I have heard it once and it is not a sound I would like to hear often. Makes you ass clench a few times lol
  11. Yeah pretty much, you can use a Tom Tom iPhone adapter for a better GPS lock if you wanna get serious but I would just just buy a proper timer if you were gonna do that. Edit: there's a lot trees at marulan which dosent help with the GPS
  12. It's not too bad, sometimes drops out randomly but all in all not bad. At wakie I was getting within 1/4-1/2 a second of official timers (Dorians etc) so for free it pretty good. At least gives you an idea on wether you are improving
  13. I agree with GTScotT sarge, take JEZ up on the offer dude. I challenge you to find another tuner who will put your car on the rollers for free. I have yet to find anyone that puts the extra free time and effort in like JEZ does He actually cares about how a cars running when it leaves his shop.
  14. SHOULD be faster mr stabby hehehehe Matt do a search for Harry's lap timer at the iTunes App Store. Free version is all ya need. Oh and yes I believe you can get it for the android as well
  15. Yeah well lets not go into what you found when you had a look at the map lol. As I said to you mate, it's ALWAYS the tuners fault lol
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