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  1. thanks... would prefer a person than a company full of lawyers. i am sure all the lawyers in S&G are good but some a better than others
  2. does anyone a good lawyer who deals with employment law and unfair dismissal etc cases. pm or post up here please thanks
  3. pics uploaded. just note, currently a small hose about 3inches is included... and no filters or clamps as they came with my car.
  4. got it 1.5 years ago... but have changed the direction i am going and hence do not require it any more. its the normal one. its still on my car will post up pics for people who are interested. whats included. 1x unit 1x boost solenoid 1x pressure sensor. wiring harness wire taps etc so you can wire into your ecu harness without splicing wires. if i got any spare piping and a Tee that will be included. price is $450neg.
  5. I got a couple of HP d7100 computers that i no longer need. they come with genuine XP home installed from factory, keyboard and mouse. i do have one crt 17" monitor if someone wants it they can have it for free with the computer. its a low profile case so ideal as a htpc or a internet computer. specs P4 2.8gig 512mb ram 80gig hdd (sata) cdrw/dvdrom drive network, usb at the front and back etc etc. usb keyboard and mouse asking price is $160.
  6. hmm i wonder how i missed this thread. one word for the motorshow "crap". it basically felt like car city, 20 car show rooms but you couldnt take any car for a drive. The mitsu girls were very nice. but yeah. atleast i didnt have to spend $38 to enter the place (2 ppl) if the one in two years is this crap i would hope they dont have one at all.
  7. re the noise that is a good question, i am waiting on reply from the guy about it, it is a 1U server. anyway it will most probably live in my store room so as long as it is not like the last HP server that i had which sounded like a jet taking off it should be fine.
  8. yep anyway this is one of the switches i was thinking about, just waiting on it to go for cheaper cuz i can get a linksys (new) for 400 delevered. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...em=300252392409 the box that i am considering at the moment for nas is a hp storage works dl100 server. it has hardware raid with SATA drives, quite good price
  9. hmm thanks guys, unfortunately dont have net and the current place so didint post a reply. it is for home use, basically i would prefer to use cat6 cable as its slightly better,, the keystones etc will most probably be 5e (yeah that defeats the purpose but it is easier to replace the connectors then the cables, also a work mate prefers cat6 cables, as i said we got about 6 half used boxes of cat5e sitting and no one is going to use them). actually i was looking at a few gig switches on ebay one of the cisco one went for 171 and another went for 31 (and i wasnt happy about that one ). the other is that i am thinking of having a box with hard drives (something like nas) and was most probably going to get a switch which can agregate link (so 2gb if needed for the nas box) i have found someone who has an account with middendorp so will most probably go via him to get some cable and connectors etc. thanks for the help.
  10. i am planing on wiring up my house so need some cat6 cable. i can get some off ebay but the rolls are 300m which is too much, plus postage would be a killer, got many rolls of cat 5e cable at work but not good enough for gigabyte network. hence if someone works in IT and has a half full box of cat6 cable then let me know. might be able to work some cash etc your way.
  11. patrick if that is true mate i could kiss you i will have to go by that servo again. is it the one which used to be a Nafta and then renamed to united close to the westal road intersection?? Nick Boost98 is no longer mate, its been replaced with premium98 (without ethanol) and has been for a few months.
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