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  1. Hi, No the car hasn't been sold, but we've taken it off the market for the moment. Managed to get a house without needing the sell the car.
  2. For Sale: 1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GTR Vspec Location: Central Coast, NSW Price: $110,000 The car has roughly 94,000kms on chassis and roughly 30,000km on the engine (was replaced by previous owner before I purchased car) I have auction records and de registration papers from Japan, it was auction grade 4.5 with 52,000km on the nismo odometer. I've owned the car for 10 years and only had to service and replace turbo's and the radiator, everything else was done by previous owner aside from wheels and bonnet which I changed. The car runs 330kw's at the wheels on 21 psi and 300kw's at the wheels on 18psi - running on just premium 98 octane fuel Recently has had paint correction and detail performed by Leading Edge Detailing in Silverwater and shows how good of condition the paint work is still in and the car in general. The car has rego till September this year and also is engineered. Here is spec list, there could be more that I have missed: N1 Engine Garrett 2860 Twin turbo setup Tomei metal head gasket kit Exedy Twin Plate Sard 700cc injectors Tomei cams and camgear Tomei exhaust manifold Hks 3.5” front pipe Fujisubo 3.5” cat Fujisubo 3.5” cat back Apexi PFC Apexi power intake z32 airflow meters Arc intercooler Carbon air box cover Greddy piping kit Koyo type Z radiator Hks evc5 boost controller Tein monoflex coilovers with edfc Nismo fuel pump Nismo fuel regulator Nismo 320km dash cluster Nismo LMGT4's with Federal RSR Semi Slick Tyres Dba 5000 brake discs Project Mu club racer pads on front Bendix ultimates on rear. Border Carbon Fibre Bonnet painted white but also have original bonnet which can be included in sale depending on price. Car is also listed for sale on carsales: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1999-nissan-skyline-gt-r-v-spec-bnr34-manual-4wd/SSE-AD-6047005/ PS Couldn't use the photo attachments they kept failing after 4 photos. Please see Carsales ad for all the photos.
  3. Hi, So after towing my car on a car trailer it started to run really rough, it went to an alarm installer and got immobiliser, alarm, tracker installed but two days later it wouldn't even run. It kicks over but engine just won't actually start. The injectors are getting very low pulse and the crank angle sensor doesnt have a heap of spark when turn manually or via ignition, we've already had the alarm guys test it and they are adamant it isn't the immobilizer causing any issue. At the same time the spark plugs are now fouled, and two relays in the boot connecting to the twin fuel pumps have blown as well. Any ideas where to start looking? The ECU is a black box and there is a eflex sensor and AEM AFR cut in place which reports but then when trying to crank says sensor offline.
  4. on the "unread content" page, the adchoices triangle appears halfway down the page and moves with you as you scroll. See picture:
  5. Isn't this just renamed to unread content? that's what I've been using but also might explain why not seeing all posts if it's not working the same way.
  6. @PranK Yep all fixed now , funny I forgot to mention when it was playing up it displayed my total post count.. now it doesn't do that but does show rep count.
  7. My NSW Member bar and has made a donation bar is now showing but the has made a donation bar is duplicating one above nsw membership and one below. Then at times only one donation bar shows but nothing else lol
  8. Top Gear USA has been dropped by the History channel in the USA, and apparently BBC is shopping it around for a new network so fingers crossed it get picked up by someone else.
  9. I might be missing something but with the view unread content feature, it is showing each reply to a thread not just the thread title itself... eg: the whoretown thread is filling up results with each reply not just the one result. Any idea's how to customize so it is like the old "view new/unread content" so it only shows one result per thread and more then the past hour?
  10. Hi, I am chasing down the whole R33 GTR Air con Assembly aside from the air con pump as I already have that... So all piping, brackets, plates, bolts, etc I require.. I've contacted some wreckers but not having much luck.
  11. Hey, I am trying to chase down a Brand New Precision 6466 T4 0.84 Divided Rear Housing for RB26. Most local places are out and have to order in. But any suggestions of places to try would be great.
  12. I replied to the email from shell when I renewed with my form, would that have been received? I only got around to doing it like last week though lol
  13. Sorry haven't been on here for a while, I've already sourced one from another member. Thanks
  14. When you say S-Tune Style front bumper just checking its a copy? And if so do you know which company made it?
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