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  1. Hey mate, very interested in the GTR seats and the BOV+re circulation. Was the car written off or something? Motor come with full loom? The V-spec intake duct any different to normal GTR intake duct? I'm on the GC mate, happy to come take a look
  2. Anyone know the owner of Black R35 GTR 610TMT?? Driving like a drunk this morning on Logan Mway, constantly in between lanes, veering left and right. Car has damage, possibly stolen???? Tried to get drivers attention but he seemed well out of it.
  3. Go for Gold, to save from Flickr click the image, right click and select original size and then right click save as once its loaded (i know its a pain but its their way of preventing copyright infringement)
  4. Great day, I got lazy and only took some photos at the first meeting spot (was bloody HOT!!! too much Car Porn) PHWOAR is exactly what I was like when I spotted this My Dream car right there Sexiest Wedge Ever!!!! Very impressed with this Wrap job More Here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/clint0x/sets/72157638470905784/ (I'm a bit GTR Biased sorry!!!)
  5. Hello all, I'll be attending this tomorrow however is there a register or something for the Donation of Toy's as I've just decided it was easier to use the Online Shop to donate (I completely forgot to go and buy something today). Just so that I don't look like an uncharitable person tomorrow when I don't come with a Toy Clint
  6. Hello all Queensland Skyliners, My name is Clint. I have not used these forums for a very very long time, in fact it's almost been a good 10 years since I have been active at all in the Skyline Circle. 10 years ago I swapped my R33 GTS25 (Ref: Avatar, Yep Non Turbo, I was still young back then) for a 200sx (which I still own today). When I was 17 I had always dreamed of Owning a GTR, in particular the R33 (because I am one of those people that loves the R33). I do dream of one day having one of each though I took the leap and added to my garage a very very pristine example of an R33 GTR. I had desires of owning a mostly unmolested GTR and I was lucky enough to find this genuine gem in a sea of thrashed out clappers. The plans are just to enjoy it as is rather than spend more than I earn on it (other than possibly a Full Exhaust System and Number plates that I already own). My other pride is my Drift/ Circuit Silvia - A continuous work in progress (keep changing my mind on what direction to take with it) I'm a semi active member of the BMW club Qld as well due to co-driving an E30 race car with my dad I can't discount my Daily Drive Hyundai Accent either, possibly the best car one could ever own for it's Fuel Economy and overall cheapness to maintain. Anyways How often does the Qld Chapter have Meetups and any circuit outings or Brekky Laps coming up etc? Thanks
  7. Also have for sale a full set of Standard S15 rims ONLY (NO TYRES) - The rims are painted a pearl Red and would probably suit a respray (paint on edges chipping) unless using for Drift etc. Obviously 5x114.3 16x6.5" +45 offset $250 ONO Pick up Gold Coast
  8. I've always desired another R33 in the future but unfortunately I'm in need of Cash. I have the number plates 33NIS for sale, silver text with Black background. The plates are Slimline front (scrape damage and slightly bent), standard rear (VGC). These plates served me well appearing on my old R33 skyline as well as my Nissan Bluebird (33 = BB). $450 ONO pick up from the gold coast (prefer Cash in hand unless posting then prefer E-Transfer) Can post them (will insure etc.) at Buyers cost Contact me via email [email protected] with the subject Number Plates or call me 0400783217
  9. f**k yeah, they look sweet! definitely getting one
  10. Hey all, I know this isn't the right section but i have in fact already posted it in the For sale section under this, i dont think many QLD ppl are looking there tho. Unless EVERYONE has personalised plates or doesnt want them. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/sh...5&highlight=NIS basically QLD plates 33NIS, all the other combos are taken already and i cant seem to find a buyer so they are going pretty cheap. I would love $400 for them but theres not enuff interest. So $350 is the price now, give me an offer however and i will consider it. Cheers Clint
  11. Ill take $350 now, need them to go, dont want ne lower! but make me an offer and i will take it in to consideration. Realistically i should be getting $400 for these but seems all u skyline owners want normal number plates hehehe Clint
  12. "33 NIS" - Last of the NIS/NIZ series that isnt on a car, Slimline front, normal rear. SIlver text on Black background. QLD only I want $380 however im open to offers, PM me or email me at [email protected] Cheers Clint
  13. sad to hear bud, its just not fair is it! Really do feel for ya man Clint
  14. wow talk about bringing up an old thread!
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