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  1. ALot of the ones are on that same diagonal angle...makes it look like your tripod doesnt adjust
  2. Nah I'm not saying that at all.. From my point of it is quite boring looking at pics that are on the same angle over and over again.. Like the lighting though..I'm looking to become a strobist myself
  3. all the photos are on the same angle?
  4. anything happen on sunny coast on sunday arvo's? will be up there tomorrow
  5. 666DAN parked in Meadowbrook the other night
  6. ive got a 580ex ii, as i said on boost..get one
  7. K N P

    First Rig Shots

    nice pics would you mind posting up a pic of what the whole apparatus looks like?
  8. K N P

    Willo And Hpi

    whoa nice work where were the pics taken?
  9. ive got a shoot with a s1580sx and the f430 on sat arvo..not sure if i will make it/what the missus wants to do but seeing as its only 5 min from home i might rock up
  10. love your shot of 53xyn llynden..damn wish i saw this earlier
  11. K N P

    My Photography

    justbarhoom photography
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