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  1. Hello We require some GTRs for a video production. Preference is R35 GTRs, but if you have something equally as tough that would be cool. The video will be a Bond/spy theme, shot like a motion picture movie trailer. It will be shot in West Melbourne on multiple days over the course of a couple of months. This is the production company https://www.muirfilm.co/ If you're interested and/or know anyone who would be, please contact me via DM. Thanks, Michael.
  2. I'll try to meet your fantasies. But not sure if denim is in her wardrobe.
  3. Adding to this, the location will be in the Southbank area of Melbourne. (I'll advise the specific point after confirmation). Don't pay $850, pay $0! That's right, there's no charge. And I'll be sure to get shots of the car alone, without the model talent who'll be posing with the car.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm in need of a car to use in a photo shoot Sunday 29 October from 5pm to 8pm. The car can be anything but it certainly needs to be clean and look fast. You'll get a selection of images for your own use. Location is urban Melbourne, eastern side, soon to be finalised. What standard of work do I put out? Check it out here www.nishimachi.com.au Please send me a message with some pics of your car. Michael.
  5. Tokyo taxi??? What a stupid thing to write. Haha. Quality journalism right there.
  6. R31 Airbox clips, S3/GST-X wire type Hello I'm searching for a simple set of 4 airbox clips. The wire type that are on Series 3 R31's and Imports. Please contact me on 0419 006 252. Thanks Michael.
  7. I'm arranging a shoot with a female model, posing with a car. I just need the car! Something modern such as a current GTR, Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati, etc. It will take place on Port Melbourne area within the next couple of weeks. Date is yet to be confirmed. It will be from 6pm to 8pm. Please send me a message if you have a car available.
  8. I photographed this Maserati at First Point, Port Melbourne. Its a nice quiet spot in a dead end street. I'll give away another location... This next shot is at the side of Aviation rd, Point Cook, just near the RAAF Base.
  9. We're living in an international marketplace. Most things are easy to get from overseas [emoji6]
  10. So,@Jamind what's the name of the place? Don't keep it a secret.
  11. @Nizmo_man I tried GKTech. They only sell 10mm and thinker.
  12. Hi everyone I'm shopping around for 6mm hub centric (66.1) wheels spacers 4x114.3 . I've found a place who will make them for $90 but I want to find a cheaper price. There's a lot of non - hub centric spacers around for a lot less. Know of any good deals?
  13. Thanks Nizmo Man! I got a nut from a good mate and job's almost complete.
  14. Hellooo I need one or two Tie Rod nuts as the one I have has been ruined. The car is a HR31. The pics below is what I need. It's not big money, but I really need help with this. Please contact me if you can help. Michael. 0419006252.
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