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  1. very nice gtr you have. how ever, after seeing your threads when i was in the market for a 32 gtr, your price is too high. drop it under 20 with the wheels and it will sell. you need to cut your loss some where otherwise keep waiting and good luck with the sale. h.
  2. so a friend bought a gtr recently. rumour has it, it may have a gt500 block. how can we tell? thanks h
  3. This is very true, that is why i didnt go with a mail order tune for my C63. From my understanding once the ecu is flashed, there is a counter on it, and it goes to 1, otherwise it is at 0. This is how Merc finds out about ecu flashes. Correct me if i am wrong though. h.
  4. Have you had the engine compression tested? What year model is it? What suspension (coilovers adjustable or just lowered springs?) Does it have an aftermarket clutch? Any oil leaks? thanks h
  5. i broke a rod in half. ive still got the evidence at home
  6. thanks for the wise words. Also I have previously owned a r33 gtr
  7. at 22k any one can find a great example. thats all they are worth for one close to stock. ANything more then 25k, owners can not sell. h.
  8. I got 22k to spend genchinvestments@hotmail.com 0410 553 070 h.
  9. r32 gtr, os giken gear set, hks t51r. Not sure if it was lightended, il have to ask him next time i see him. another r32 gtr with n1's went hi 11s @ 125mph, he had just over 300rwkw. Wasnt a fancy set up either.
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