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  1. Heat sheild for the exhaust before it hits the Cat??? Similar thing on my old Silvia. Just had it cut off. no real problems without it.
  2. Vermin

    Qld Suck!

    Once again you make fun, only to see it smack you in the face....again.... QUEENSLANDER!!!!!
  3. Vermin


    i had to get a battery for my Silvia about a year ago and went down to marshall battery's and they even took my old one, and that was about $80 or something. best thing was i then did not have to worry about getting rid of the old one.
  4. Its just a matter of, if you feel that it was safe to stop and you had enough time. If you were to stop and locked up the brakes, the cops probably would have waited for you and then booked you for making unnessesary road noise.
  5. I agree that bringing in 18+ rating is the way to go, but at the same time this twat in SA keeping it out to protect the children is crap. just like the internet filter will be a waste of time and money that could be better spent on something else. Oh and dont forget that the legal age to drink is 18 aswell, and this is to protect our children. and i dont have to tell anyone how wonderfully well this law works. at the end of the day, why fight a battle that no one can win. The games are going to come in one way or another. The porn and other crap will continue to flow throught the internet filters. and the underage will continue to drink like nothing can hurt them without even the thought of consequences. If they can not 100% garantee that this stuff will work and serve the purpose it was designed for then they should not make a stupid statement about the 18+ is to protect our children from harm. They will get it anyways, with or without the law. so they should just consider the fact that the age group that does want the extra content can get it and do so without going around corners to get. If parents are so concerned about thier children then dont get them anything that they can use for it. Or only let them use it under the parents supervision. God only knows that kids these days dont have that much time to spend with parents, so i could not hurt. Meh. i dont care. if i want to get 18+ games, i can get them. Oh the wonderful world of EBay.
  6. Yep, i have been playing it. Got it last Tuesday, when i went to pre-order it at JB, as they were selling the collectors edition for $79. and when the guy came out to see me, he said that they have been told to release it early. Lots of fun, 2 wives 1 child, so far.
  7. were they right beside you and have enough distance to stop? if not then they would have to be behind you so maybe it was fine for them to stop safely but they were not in the position you were in so how can they make that judgement. unless you clearly went through it a red. but the claim is yellow light. can they prove that you had time to stop and was it safe to do so at the time of the incedent? As far as i can tell if they are not in the car with you or right beside you then what thier preception and your preception are two different things. and then you have the fact that everyones reaction time will differ slightly. it might take the copper .2 seconds to react, but if its late and your coming home from a long day at work, then your reaction time might be slower. Or it could be that you naturally have a slower reaction time. at the end of the day, they must prove it. where is the video evidence that you had time to stop and stop safely.
  8. I picked up my copy yesterday at Big W as they were selling it for $74... but add my woolies discount card and i picked it up for $70.30. So i made a great saving just got up to civilisation stage. but im a carnivore and kill everything... so fun.
  9. Well I have a 25gt series2 and its got the big brakes and the hicas but it has no mention of being a gt-v. unless they just made all the series2 models with the big brakes or i just got lucky.
  10. Yeah saw this a few days ago... cant wait. and yes after about 2 years i loaded diabloup and a mate from work told me about eastern sun, and have been playing that. Lots of good stuff about it, but you have to figure a lot out yourself especially with the all the different cube recipes, but its definetly worth it. here is link if you have not found it. http://homepage3.nifty.com/miyoshino/es/es3top.htm happy gaming.
  11. well i am origionally from canada and have to say that most people cant drive here. most people indicate with the middle finger. and its even more noticeable when you add rain... just thank your lucky stars that here in australia we dont have snow on the ground for 4 months of the year,.... oh what a mess it would be.... however public transport would make 50 times as much as everyones cars would be at the panel beaters. We just need to adopt some of the car manufacturers standards on cars like "Driving Lights". You turn your car on and your driving lights are on automatically. its amazing how many people neglect to turn their headlights on when it starts to rain or its near dawn or dusk. sure you can see the car in front of you with his lights on, and dont need your headlights to illuminate it, but its your taillights that are the important thing. all the water sprayed up makes it harder to see anything infront of you. so what better to make yourself known to others then a few red lights on the back of your car... mind you the amount of people who actually neglect to check to see if these lights and brake lights are working in the first place.... well thats my rant... i do love this place but some people
  12. well im clean, and so are my previous cars, but the site has not reall been going for long enough yet as the top 10 people who have rated a plate only adds up to about 10,000. 57.7% of it is all in NSW and only 14% in QLD. However given time and a few more people using the site then i think allot more cars will be listed. Hopefully though people will take it seriously and not put in false complaints to make the whole thing pointless.
  13. nice find... might join up and start attacking other peoples driving... need some unmarked cop car plates....anyone have some lol....jks... but with the guy doing 9 rates a day, i do see it possible as he might do plenty of driving and probably has a paper and pen handy and writes stuff down as he is driving.
  14. I personaly like the SS ute commercial for holden and the evolution of the ute..... and the best bit at the end "Evolution ends here" ???? Now does this mean that they will no longer be making and new versions of the ute??? because i would say that if the evolution of the ute ends, then so does the ute. So go buy a new ute and when they bring out the next model, you can go and get a free upgrade as you bought the ute origionally knowing that it was the last because they said in the commercial that "Evolution ends here". so they made you buy it under false pretences..... sorry i was really bored and have a very overactive imagination. but you do see my point... its false advertising
  15. Anybody done this conversion to an R34? Not that i have the money to do it at the moment but i am considering it. but wont be for a while one would assume it would be the same as doing with the R33 but just using the R34 parts.
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