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  1. just needs a slight massage. shame it wasnt wovr prices, and i was thinkin i could get a cheap motor to get mine rolling.. the auctioneer was surprised at the price but clearly knows whats going on as he made some comments at the end.
  2. sold $17750 + fees ... not on the wovr https://manheim.com.au/damaged-vehicles/Item/ItemUnavailable?itemID=000000000005391619 diff maybe good. engine maybe ok if gearbox hasnt ripped off... a wing and a set of taillights.. the numbers are clearly good to go tho.. lol
  3. bit of a boring race huh.. luckily the wec is interesting f**k the f1 circus
  4. just want my tools back aye, they can keep the shitbox
  5. no for some reason no body in my whole street has it
  6. Plates 666 - Gtr Noisy bent exhaust, very noisy clutch, somewhat flat battery. stolen in the morning of the 7th from Driveway stock evo 7 wheels, coilovers and a few other bits and pieces. 0407 272 590 reward $$$$
  7. Nbn Hd streaming is going to smashhhhh foxtel
  8. Want an evo 6.5? has plenty of suspension/brake/track mods.
  9. shell maybe 3-4k and might take a while, depending on what sweeteners you add with it. motor maybe 15-18k could also take a bit and as above depends what extras are on it. i forget what you actually have in terms of internals and all the like. i've stripped a few before but never really sold a shell, usually fill it with scrap metal and get about 400-500 at the end of the day your always going to make more in parts than complete.
  10. Needs more Wuuuut tut tut tuttttt
  11. Nice i didnt see that stuff at any of the local bunnings stores, possibly have to order it?
  12. bout 300 i think i spent. acid, masks, paint rollers and metal paint pole + other shit i had to sand my floor in many places, and get the high pressure hose on it , and yep etch is a must unless you grind. i mixed half the 10l bucket and did two coats for 6x6 and had enough left over to do a fair bit more so a 20L would get you done with two coats.
  13. or one of the guys at west side mufflers in padstow does lots of rewires and installs.
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