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  1. I would probably go for a face to face course. You need to hear the language and be able to work out peoples facial expressions. My Japanese is still a work in progress, I am pretty much self taught but I did do a Japanese course for 1 night a week for 3 months. Your best bet is to make some Japanese friends, watch Jap movies/music. Also look at a website called tutorfinder, you might pay $20-30p/h but the face to face experience is well worth it. 頑張って!!!!Good luck
  2. Not sure of the second Kanji charecter but the way I read it says the disk can't be recognised. Anyone else confirm this? Cheers
  3. It says "If removed warranty is void". Just kidding it says Nissan Prince Gunma. Gunma is a city in Japan Cheers
  4. What a F$%king spanner head. Only problem with the internet is it gives monkeys like this guy an audience.
  5. If you are looking for tourist sites to visit don't pass up Kinkakuji (the golden temple). It is pretty awesome to see, don't always eat at Maccas and Yoshinoya- do yourself a favour and go into some local backstreet Udon/Ramen shops. Quite often the pokiest little ramen shops have some pretty good stuff. Take a trip to Akihabara for the Electronic stuff and qwirky games and what not. Apart from that pick up a lonely planet guide and go through that for sights, car wise I haven't spent enough time in Tokyo/Kyoto so some of the other guys will be able to steer you right on that. I am going from the 17-29th of Sep. Have a good trip
  6. I went to Autobacs and they told me that you should spend the money on something that makes it go faster. Haha
  7. Unless you have some really really important reason to use your phone from Australia in Japan - don't bother. It would be cheaper to just hire a phone and go to an internet cafe an forward everyone your number. I can't see how people get so attached to their phone that they feel the need to take it with them.
  8. Phone wise can't give much advice but for wireless download net stumbler and walk around. What I found was that not many people lock down their wireless network so you will probably be able to find some 'complimentary' wireless near any bigger buildings.
  9. As Rezz said its pretty easy to get to- but don't be scared when you get off the train in the middle of nowhere. The only thing I would be careful of is the shuttle bus. Give the Circuit a quick call or shoot them an email. They will have a bus on Sunday for sure but check about Saturday. R-Sanyon and I made this mistake once (Super GT round on Saturday "Yeah, they will have a shuttle bus for sure"- stupid me) lucky for us that an hour into our walk a guy in a Chaser picked us up and took us to the circuit. Have fun
  10. Haha, yeah I lived in Nova appartments for about 5months until they F$%ked me over by shifting me to a different apartment. They were actually not too bad but a bit to $$$ What do you do in Okayama? You will have to hit that guy up for a ride in the car at some stage.
  11. Hey Micky, How's the trip going? Looks like you had a bit of fun. When do you get back?